Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Feng Xu

Abstract: Carbon composites have good mechanical properties and preserve the inherent excellent biocompatibility of carbon, which make them great...

Authors: Yi Ping Liu, Ting Hui He, Li Qun Tang, Xiao Qing Huang

Abstract: In this paper coupling damage behaviors of Liquid Rubber Based Concrete (LRBC) are studied experimentally. Compressive fatigue and impact...

Authors: Peng Niu, Gang Yang, Chun Fu Jin, Yi Xiong Wu

Abstract: Based on Ježek method of computing the elastic-plastic buckling of the member under the axial compressive load and the bending moment, the...

Authors: Xian Hua Chen, B. Steinauer, Da Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the evolution of aggregate-surface characteristics due to tyre polishing action. Three kinds of aggregates...

Authors: You Tang Li, Bo Chen, Rui Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on elasticity theory, the stress field and stress intensity factor of gear crack are discussed. The effect of friction coefficient and...

Authors: Wei Bing Hu, Hai Pin Yu

Abstract: According to the Chinese Structure Code and engineering experience, the factors affecting the reliability of structures are properly...

Authors: Chun Fu Jin, Shi Yan, Peng Niu

Abstract: Densely arranged underground steel tube system (DAUSTS) is a new kind of structure which can be usually used in constructing spacious...

Authors: Hua Yan Chen, Xiang Guo Zeng, Shu Sheng Xu

Abstract: Micro-cracks which seriously affect the strength of metal materials always exist in metal or alloys during the manufacturing process. In...

Authors: Yao Guo Zhu, Qing Xiang Wang

Abstract: Nowadays embedded parts which connect steel members with concrete structures have frequently emerged in civil engineering; however the...

Authors: Qiang Zhou, Bai Tao Sun, Pei Lei Yan

Abstract: In this paper, the typical seismic damage of earthquake fortification and non-earthquake fortification masonry buildings are analyzed and...


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