Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sayed Mahmoud, Robert Jankowski

Abstract: Damage-involved structural pounding during earthquakes has been recently intensively studied using different impact force models. The...

Authors: Antonino Risitano, Carmelo Clienti, Giacomo Risitano

Abstract: In this work is indicated how it could be possible to evaluate the limit stress of the thermo-elastic phase of deformation by ...

Authors: Da Lin Hu, Feng Cheng, Long Gang Chen

Abstract: In China many long span stone arch bridges were built in the last 5 decades, most of these bridges were built with micro-aggregate concrete...

Authors: Muhammad Ilyas, Christine Espinosa, Frédéric Lachaud, Laurent Michel, Michel Salaün

Abstract: We show that the behavior of T700/M21s and T800/M21s composite panels are affected by the influence of strain rates together with local...

Authors: Vito Dattoma, N.I. Giannoccaro, Arcangelo Messina, Riccardo Nobile

Abstract: Aluminium foam represents a new class of materials characterized by a large variability due to its porous structure. A simple and...

Authors: Simone Giancane, Riccardo Nobile, Francesco W. Panella, Vito Dattoma

Abstract: DIC (Digital Image Correlation) based methodology gives full field measure of the displacement using a well defined algorithm for matching...

Authors: Babak Ebrahimian, Asadollah Noorzad

Abstract: Numerical simulations related to polar effects in an infinite extended granular layer under shearing movement and constant vertical pressure...

Authors: Bin Jia, Gao Jian Liao, Hai Peng Gong, Bao Jun Pang

Abstract: All spacecrafts in earth orbit are subject to hypervelocity impact by micro-meteoroids and space debris, which can in turn lead to...

Authors: Fumitaka Motomura, Akihide Saimoto

Abstract: An optimal condition of thermal stress cleaving was investigated by assuming the element-by-element temperature rise situation using finite...

Authors: Kazuhiro Oda, Naoaki Yoshimatsu, Tetsuya Morisaki

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