Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seiichiro Sakata, Fumihiro Ashida

Abstract: This paper discusses a stochastic microscopic stress analysis of a composite material for a microscopic random variation. The stochastic...

Authors: Zhong Liang Chang, Guang Ping Zou, Wei Ling Zhao, Yang Cao, Rui Rui Wang

Abstract: The continuous basalt fiber (CBF) as inorganic fiber obtained from the basalt melt. It has high elastic modulus, low bulk density, low...

Authors: Y. Iino

Abstract: Notched compact tension specimen of 304 stainless steel (0.8CT, notch tip radius of 1mm, thickness of 6mm) was low-cycle-fatigued at room...

Authors: Kenichi Shimizu, Tashiyuki Torii

Abstract: Using a fatigue testing method by which fatigue cracks can be initiated and propagated in a film adhered to cover a circular through-hole in...

Authors: Hossein Hosseini-Toudeshky, M. Karimi, Bijan Mohammadi

Abstract: In this paper, crack growth of thin-walled cylinders containing an initial crack under acoustic plane wave is analyzed. A coupled...

Authors: Kazuto Tanaka, Yusuke Tanimoto, Yusuke Kita, Shinichi Enoki, Tsutao Katayama

Abstract: To establish clinical bone assessment for osteoporosis, it is necessary to evaluate not only bone density but also trabecular bone...

Authors: Kazuto Tanaka, Masahiro Yamada, Masahiro Shinohara, Tsutao Katayama

Abstract: The non-crimp fabric (NCF) have an advantageous combination of high material properties and low cost for processing, and overcomes the...

Authors: Guang Ping Zou, Zhong Liang Chang, Xin Zheng Wang, Bao Jun Liu, Si Chen

Abstract: Light weight aluminum alloy honeycomb materials are ideal lightweight structure materials, which have higher specific strength and...

Authors: Takanori Yazawa, Tatsuki Otsubo, Youhei Fukuda, Yasuhiko Ogiya, Tatsuhiro Kojima

Abstract: This paper discuses the development of the optical sensor due to detect the micro crack and measure the surface property of the contact...

Authors: Hitoshi Takagi, Anil N. Netravali

Abstract: Environmentally friendly green composites were fabricated from a natural cellulosic fiber (MAO fiber) and a biodegradable starch-based resin...


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