Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Tao Sun, Qiang Zhou, Pei Lei Yan

Abstract: The Wenchuan earthquake occurred on May 12, 2008 (Beijing Time) caused great economical loss and large amount of buildings were destroyed....

Authors: Nai Qiang Zhang, Hong Xu, Xue Ping Mao, Gang Wang

Abstract: The creep experiments are performed under the various stresses at 595°C, 610°C, 640°C and 670°C for P92 steel which broadly used in USC...

Authors: Jian Yu Zhang, Chong Qiang Sun, Li Bin Zhao, Lei Peng, Bin Jun Fei

Abstract: The effects of humidity and ultraviolet radiation aging on fatigue properties of carbon/ bismaleimide composites and coating protection...

Authors: Guo Jing, Hui Qi, Jie Yang

Abstract: The analytical solution to the problem of the scattering of SH-wave by isosceles triangular hill near the subsurface cavity in right-angle...

Authors: Huan An He, Wei Dong, Zhi Min Wu

Abstract: Self-stressing concrete is sort of expansive concrete with high expansion energy which can induce prestresses with restriction in concrete,...

Authors: Xue Feng Zhou, You Hai Zhi, Bing Wang Gou

Abstract: The three-dimensional (3D) finite element model of shape memory alloy (SMA) joint system under a clamped-clamped support was established....

Authors: Yu Pu Song, Han Yong Liu

Abstract: This work presents a study of a fatigue test and a finite element analysis on an arch bridge stainless steel suspender with threaded...

Authors: In Seok Yoon

Abstract: The most common deterioration cause of concrete structures over the world is chloride ions attacks. Thus, service life modeling of concrete...

Authors: Bin Liu, Quan Sheng Liu

Abstract: Based on the stress characteristics of freeze shinking shaft lining at construction and operation stages, it is set up that The anisotropic...

Authors: Abid A. Shah, Yosef A. Al-Salloumrs, Saleh H. Al-Syed

Abstract: In this research, the non-linear ultrasonic and acoustic emission techniques were used to evaluating damages induced in concrete under...


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