Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Václav Veselý, Ladislav Řoutil, Stanislav Seitl

Abstract: The geometric proportions of cube-shaped specimens subjected to wedge-splitting tests are numerically studied in the paper. The minimal...

Authors: Stanislav Seitl, Jan Klusák, Václav Veselý, Ladislav Řoutil

Abstract: The paper focuses on the geometrical proportions of cube-shaped quasi-brittle specimens subjected to a wedge-splitting test (WST). The...

Authors: Wei Dong Chen, Ling Zhou, Wei Guang An

Abstract: Axial and circumferential critical buckling loads of thin cylindrical shell with stiffened rings are obtained by semi-analytical FEM. Then...

Authors: Kazuhiro Suga, Kohei Murotani

Abstract: This study presents an optimization technique with hierarchical mesh generation technique and genetic algorithm. The present technique is...

Authors: S. Nakhodchi, Andrew Hodgkins, Robert Moskovic, David John Smith, Peter E.J. Flewitt

Abstract: The formation of fracture process zones in polygranular reactor core moderator graphites subjected to four-point bending has been...

Authors: Dirk Steglich, Husam Wafai, Jacques Besson

Abstract: Deformation anisotropy of sheet aluminium alloy 2198 (Al-Cu-Li) has been investigated by means of mechanical testing of notched specimens...

Authors: Bai Tao Sun, Hong Fu Chen

Abstract: The multistory masonry buildings with variable wall thickness along the height have suffered different degrees of damage subjected to the...

Authors: Hong Fu Chen, Bai Tao Sun

Abstract: During Wenchuan Ms 8.0 earthquake, masonry buildings have suffered severely damaged and collapsed, causing heavy casualties and huge...

Authors: Bao Jun Pang, L.W. Wang, Z.Q. Yang, Run Qiang Chi

Abstract: In this paper, the dynamic macroscopical properties of reactive powder concrete (RPC) are studied by using the split Hopkinson pressure bar...

Authors: Wen Yan Liang, Zhen Qing Wang, Hong Qing Lv

Abstract: The existence of viscosity effect at the interface of double dissimilar materials has an important impact to the distribution of interface...


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