Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Zhang Zhu, Lian Xia Sun

Abstract: Web services composition is a complex and error-prone process, but there are no effective verification mechanisms among the existing...

Authors: Man Zhi Yue, Zhi Yuan Lu, Qing Qing Wei, Man Man He

Abstract: Introduce the theory and application of the Impedance Method and set up the model of fictitious human. After dividing the human head into...

Authors: Hong Feng Lai, Kuang Yao Wu

Abstract: This paper proposes a categorical foundation for integrating various types of manufacturing knowledge in manufacturing systems. The...

Authors: Wei Shen, Yue Shi Sun

Abstract: Electric load forecasting is an important aspect in the operation of energy market. Many researchers have tried various methods and have...

Authors: Hang Biao Shang, Ying Li, Nai Chun Yu, Yang Jiang, Xiang Hua Xi, Yu De Geng, Liang Quan

Abstract: This paper studies on the modeling of the changes in the external environment impact on information systems based on complexity theory and...

Authors: Hang Biao Shang, Guo Shuang Tian, Cai Ping Song, Yu Kun Cao, Li Rong Chen, Xiang Hua Chen, Ying Li

Abstract: This paper studies on the formation mechanism of how organizational innovation is established and developed. We built a model including...

Authors: Bo Yuan, Qun Feng Liu, Cai Lin, Xiao Feng Chen

Abstract: A micromechanical model is constructed for the elastic modulus of nano-fibrous scaffold. The nano-fibrous scaffold was obtained using...

Authors: Bo Yuan, Qun Feng Liu, Cai Lin, Xiao Feng Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a high order strain gradient (HSGE) model is constructed to predict the bending size dependence of the elastic property of...

Authors: Hui Sun, Yang Yang Chen, Zhi Qing Fan

Abstract: Land is an important natural resource for human’s living and developing. Residential land demand forecast is the core content of urban land...

Authors: Hui Sun, Min Zhou, Zhi Qing Fan

Abstract: Based on RBF neural network and combining with the study of PPP performance evaluation, quantitative index system was built from economic,...


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