Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chung Hung Tsai, Wen Ping Wu

Abstract: Applying D&M IS success model, the study integrates three web quality factors (web quality: system quality, information quality, and service...

Authors: Dong Guo, Qiang Li, Meng Zhang, Bing Xin Guo, Liang Hu

Abstract: To speed up grid resources’ clustering, this paper presents a grid resource fuzzy clustering model based on mobile agent. A fuzzy clustering...

Authors: Jyun Yong Jhan, Chao Shi Chen, Chia Huei Tu, Chien Chung Ke

Abstract: This paper presents a single-domain boundary element method (BEM) for linear elastic fracture mechanics analysis in the two-dimensional...

Authors: Yun Xie, Tie Ding Liu, Hong Yang

Abstract: In order to test the Correctness of output characteristics in different parts in the designing process of AC servo system and provide it...

Authors: Hui Lung Hsieh, Chung Hung Tsai, Bi Kun Chuang

Abstract: With the growing number of aging population and chronic illnesses, how to help elderly residents access the health care service timely is a...

Authors: Zhong Xin Li, Ji Wei Guo, Ming Hong Gao, Hong Jiang

Abstract: Taking the full-vehicle eight-freedom dynamic model of a type of bus as the simulation object , a new optimal control method is introduced....

Authors: Zhong Xin Li, Guang Ping Wang, Shen Xu Wang, Hong Jiang

Abstract: A method of vehicle interior noise order analysis was presented to resolve the loud noise problem in a new indigenous vehicle. Sound and...

Authors: Dian Chen Lu, Ruo Yu Zhu

Abstract: The well-posed problem for the fully nonlinear Aceive diffusion and dispersion equation on the domain [0, 1] is investigated by using...

Authors: Fang Wen Li, San Li Yue, Song Jiang Ma, Juan Yang, Nian Fen Wu, Hai Wu Jia, Mei Ling Fu

Abstract: Modified bamboo-charcoal (MBC) was prepared by Ferric sulfate dipping and microwave radiation with 20~30 mesh bamboo-charcoal (BC)...

Authors: Zhan Kui Wang, Xi Qu Chen, Yan Ling Zheng

Abstract: An evaluation method of three edges isometric polygonal cylinder errors was proposed, and its minimum area model was built in the condition...


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