Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Liu, Ke Jun Zhao, Yi Hong Qiu, Qi Liu

Abstract: P2P network is more suitable for distributed data flow processing. This paper concentrates on how to answer continuous join query in...

Authors: Zhi Hui Huang, Shu Lin Kan, Liang Wen Yan, Jun Li

Abstract: Honeywell Business FLEX® PKS™ is a manufacturing executive system(MES) which is applicable to the process manufacturing firm to unify the...

Authors: Xi Ba, Jiang Shuai Li, Jia Li Wang, Yun Na Wu

Abstract: Reviewed the research status of portfolio decision-making at home and abroad; On the background of project portfolio management theory, a...

Authors: Ting Liang Guo, Guo Jin Feng, Ting Ting Guo

Abstract: The absorption characteristics of micro-structural material, such as “black silicon”, aroused extensive attention. In order to understand...

Authors: Ai Ping Jiang, Feng Wen Huang

Abstract: In this paper, two modifications are proposed for minimizing the nonlinear optimization problem (NLP) based on Fletcher and Leyffer’s...

Authors: Ai Ping Jiang, Feng Wen Huang

Abstract: In this paper, A QP-free feasible method was proposed to obtain the local convergence under some weaker conditions for the minimization of a...

Authors: Hong Men, Yu Ming Guo, Rui Xia Wen, Bin Zhu

Abstract: Electronic Tongue is a kind of intelligent equipment which is used to distinguish tastes. An electronic tongue composed of a sensor array of...

Authors: Hong Men, Hai Yan Liu, Lei Wang, Yun Peng Pan

Abstract: This paper presents an optimizing method of competitive neural network(CNN):During clustering analysis fixed on the optimum number of output...

Authors: Shu Kun Cao, Li Song, Kai Feng Song, Jie Lv, Xiu Sheng Chen

Abstract: In view of all sorts of questions existing in CNC machining, such as machining vibration, so proposed a new simultaneous multi-objective...

Authors: Shu Kun Cao, Chang Lei Wang, Hui Zhang, Jie Lv, Chang Zhong Wu

Abstract: Five-axis machining area of free surface is proposed by based on ARM9 and Linux open CNC system's overall structure of the CNC system...


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