Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhang, Juan Wang, Rui Juan Wu, Lin Yang

Abstract: As the electrical source of hearts, sino-atrial node (SAN) plays a significant role in rhythmic firing. The aim of this study is to...

Authors: Qing Song Cao, Dan Liu, Ji Hui Zhou, Jian Min Zhou

Abstract: In an ideal situation, good measuring system can be designed if exact information is known concerning performance and structures involved...

Authors: Ji Hui Zhou, Fa Xiong Sun, Yue Hai He, Guo Liang Xiong

Abstract: Mechatronics system is widely used in computer numerical control, robots, medical equipment, and automatic production etc. Whereas the...

Authors: Gui You Pu, Ge Wen Kang

Abstract: Systems with large variable delay, traditional control methods can’t performance well. In this paper, a controller combined with the...

Authors: Jian Guo Qiang

Abstract: For the scroll wrap in small-parameter scroll compressor, its temperatures under stable operating condition are analyzed and the simulations...

Authors: Wen Li Wang, Wei Lian Qu, Jie He

Abstract: This paper proposes a new method for assessing the degree of the cumulative fatigue crack initiation damage of the joint welds at the guyed...

Authors: S. Parasuraman, Chiew Mun Hou, V. Ganapathy

Abstract: The trajectory planning of redundant manipulator is key areas of research, which require efficient optimization algorithms. This paper...

Authors: S. Parasuraman, Arif Wicaksono Oyong, Veronica Lestari Jauw

Abstract: This paper is motivated by works done in the area of robot-assisted stroke rehabilitation. To map the EMG to joint torque, evolutionary...

Authors: S. Parasuraman, Bijan Shirinzadeh

Abstract: In this paper, a sensor data fusion technique is proposed to develop the effective robot navigation and optimize the navigation rules using...


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