Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Li Fu, Guang Cai Zhang, Qiu Yue Chang, Shu Guo Wang, Xian Wei Han

Abstract: For labeling the T2-weighted MR images using human brain atlas, it is prerequisite to the foundation of the Talairach space for T2W MR...

Authors: Li Jie Ma, Xi Bin Wang, Qi Gao Feng, Guan Jun Liu

Abstract: According to material mechanics theory and drilling practice, the equation of lateral bending deformation (LBD) of drill was built and the...

Authors: Yong Ding, Bin Li, Zheng Tao Jiang

Abstract: Affiliation-hiding authenticated key exchange protocol, also called secret handshake, makes two parties from the same organization realize...

Authors: De Quan Zhu, Tao Mei, Min Zhou Luo

Abstract: To realize the trajectory tracking control for six degrees of freedom parallel robot, a fuzzy sliding mode control strategy based on support...

Authors: Xi Qin Li, De Yu Song, Bing Liu

Abstract: Endurance test of vehicle transmission usually takes long time and spends a lot of electric energy. In order to save energy, a new kind of...

Authors: Chang He Li, Zhen Lu Han, Lin Gang Li, Guo Yu Liu

Abstract: The characteristic physical properties of titanium alloy materials of the electrical discharge machining (EDM) small hole is studied...

Authors: Olaf Diegel, Sarat Singamneni, Ben Huang, Ian Gibson

Abstract: This paper describes an additive manufacturing technology that has the potential to print plastic components with integral conductive...

Authors: Fei Li, Yan Bing Wang, Ya Ning Huang

Abstract: This paper proposes a framework which focuses on thoroughly resolving functional dependency among components and enabling “Delay...

Authors: Hou De Han, An Kang Kan, Jin Liang Geng

Abstract: According to thermal comfort and energy conservation of trailer house, it analyzes the heat transfer characteristics about envelop enclosure...

Authors: An Kang Kan, Hou De Han, Quan Ping Duan

Abstract: The pre-cooling device was built and the columnar cabbage was taken as the study object in this paper. The heat and mass transfer...


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