Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Jie Xu

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of diagnosis difficulty caused by too many factors of mechanical system, a kind of diagnosing method based on fault...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Yi Zhao, Xue Zhi Xiang

Abstract: GMM with modified weight is proposed, and it is applied into the audio segment classification. Since GMM is training only by intra-class...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Gao Chuang Cai, Dan Ying Gao

Abstract: The binding properties of chloride ion of sulphoaluminate cement and portland cement were studied in different age,different water-cement...

Authors: Yang Xu, Ping Li, Jian Jun Yuan, Min Xiang

Abstract: As the real-time image acquiring and processing need to be dealt with high speed, a image acquisition and preprocessing system is discussed...

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Yue Liu, Zhong Tian Jia

Abstract: One of the major difficulties of wireless sensor network (WSN) applications is how to efficiently manage the large amount of data produced...

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Shu Tang Liu, Yue Liu

Abstract: Localization capability is usually required and designed for wireless networks. Although many localization algorithms have been proposed,...

Authors: Hai Qing Yang, Gang Lv

Abstract: Fast determination of mineral nutrition contents of fruit trees is essential for orchard precision fertilizing management. A multi-spectral...

Authors: Hai Qing Yang, Bo Yan Kuang, Abdul M. Mouazen

Abstract: . Instrumental measurement of soil properties are affected by several factors including soil texture. The classification of soil texture can...

Authors: Zong Bing Lin, Qian Rong Tan, Jun Li

Abstract: Globally exponentially stability (GES) of a class of discrete- time recurrent neural networks with unsaturating linear activation functions...

Authors: Zheng Rong Jiang, Zheng Xi Li

Abstract: This paper presents the theory of computer automatic weed identification , some methods are discussed in detail including spectrum analysis,...


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