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Abstract:Paper removed at author request due to copyright issues.
Authors: Xiao Jun Yu
Abstract:In this paper, assumed the users are partially altruistic,the altruism level of different user class has difference. The user’s perceived...
Authors: Nan Feng, Jing Xie, Ying Xin Wu
Abstract:In electronic business environment, it is critical for an enterprise to assess information systems security (ISS) risks. In this paper, we...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Wei Jia Zhou
Abstract:In this work, a feature extraction approach based on improved Locally Linear Embedding(LLE) is proposed. In the algorithm, tangent space...
Authors: Chun Xia Gao, Bao Tian Dong, Qian Li, Ai Li Wang
Abstract:The paper presents the context of the micro-simulation on passengers of high-speed railway station, designs the micro-simulation system,...
Authors: Shi Hua Yan, Gang Li
Abstract:Aiming at the problems of the interactive communication among infrared multi-sensors under the electromagnetic interference, an interactive...
Authors: Zheng Yu Xie, Bao Tian Dong, Ying Chen, Qian Li
Abstract:To detect moving objects from a video sequence is a fundamental and critical task in many computer vision applications. For China high-speed...
Authors: Wu Zhao, Dan Huang
Abstract:For suppressing torsional vibration on main driving system of the rolling mill, the paper studied modal control and control model of...
Authors: Fei Xian Sun
Abstract:Smurf attack belongs to popular Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack, and they can cause devastating impact on computer systems. Inspired by the...
Authors: Yuan Jun Lv, Qiong Chen
Abstract:Definite shape and thickness of chipboard, followed a given size, can be divided in many parts and manufactured kinds of paper products, such...
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