Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Xin Luo, Qi Yuan Liu, Xiao Yi Che

Abstract: Many questions in natural science and engineering are transformed into nonlinear equations to be found. Newton iterative method is an...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Qi Yuan Liu, Xiao Yi Che

Abstract: The problem synthesis of planar Stephenson Ⅲ six-link mechanism for function generation all the while is a research difficult puzzle in...

Authors: H.Y. Huang, Jong Chih Chien

Abstract: Many multivariate control charts have been proposed for monitoring several related quality characteristics simultaneously. However, even...

Authors: Shao Cheng Qu, Yao Tian, Chan Chen

Abstract: This paper introduces a design of intelligent smartcar system based on MCU SPCE061A and MCU 89S52. The practical path images are obtained...

Authors: Shao Cheng Qu, Di Liu, Li Wang

Abstract: Synchronization of hyper-chaotic Lorenz system and its application in secure communication is studied. Based on the Lyapunov stability, an...

Authors: Yu Song, Long Wei, Chun Lu Liu

Abstract: This paper applies a gravity model to estimate the relationships between energy consumptions and many kinds of construction material export...

Authors: Jin Long Yang, Hong Bing Ji, Jin Mang Liu

Abstract: When tracking a maneuvering target by multiple passive sensors, two problems need to be considered, one is the nonlinear problem, another is...

Authors: Feng Kong, Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper describes the main contents of the evaluation of technical efficiency of electric power industry at home and abroad, the...

Authors: Dong Zhou, Mei Hui Wang, Zhi Qi Guo, Chuan Lv

Abstract: Virtual maintenance technology based on the concept of concurrent engineering can change the traditional maintainability "serial" design...

Authors: Qi Zhou Wu, Jing Zhou, Bin Liu

Abstract: In X-ray imaging system, with the change of parameters in material quality, volume, object distance and else of the target objects, manual...


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