Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Ying Fan, Ye Hua Jiang, Rong Zhou

Abstract: Fe-based amorphous coatings have many excellent performances, such as good corrosion resistance, high hardness, satisfactory magnetism, etc....

Authors: Fu Zhao, Ping Wang, Yan Jue Gong, Li Zhang, Chun Ling Meng

Abstract: The structure of chemical sensor has great influence on the performance of the sensor. This article studies on the relationship between the...

Authors: Yan Jue Gong, Fu Zhao, Hui Yu Xiang, Li Zhang

Abstract: Micro-actuator is the key device for the MEMS to perform physical functions. According to a kind of bimorph thermal actuator, this article...

Authors: Xin Cai

Abstract: Coupled system of two second order ordinary differential equations with small parameter was considered. This is a multi-scale system. The...

Authors: Xin Cai

Abstract: Ordinary differential equation with periodical boundary value and small parameter multiplied in the highest derivative was considered. The...

Authors: Yuan Xu, Qun Xiong Zhu, Yan Qing Wang

Abstract: To enhance the work efficiency and systematization degree of fault diagnosis for process production, an extension CBR fault diagnosis (ECFD)...

Authors: Jin Chun Song, Shao Guang Li, Chang Zhou Wang

Abstract: Based on research of the Infrared Heating Oven, an important equipment of the zinc plating production line, the paper established the...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Xiao Yi Che, Bin Zeng

Abstract: The forward displacement analysis of parallel mechanism is attributed to find the solutions of complicated nonlinear equations and it is a...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Qi Yuan Liu

Abstract: Newton iterative method is an important technique to one dimensional and multidimensional variables and iterative process exhibits sensitive...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Qi Yuan Liu, Bin Zeng

Abstract: Many questions in natural science and engineering are transformed into nonlinear equations to be found, Newton iterative method is an...


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