Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Le Zhang, Quan Liu, Qi Ming Fu, Xiao Yan Wang

Abstract: Traditional digital watermarking usually adopts the gray image as hidden information, more embedded information result in largely modifying...

Authors: Shou He Zhang, Wen Jie Huang

Abstract: In IT outsourcing, contract defects often cause outsourcing failure. Many client firms do not know well how to design the contract because...

Authors: Ai She Shui, Wei Min Chen, Li Chuan Liu, Yong Hong Shui

Abstract: This paper focuses on the problem of detecting sensor faults in feedback control systems with multistage RBF neural network ensemble-based...

Authors: Jie Jia Li, Ben Wang, Xiao Yan Guo, Lu Lu Sun

Abstract: An air supply control method of VAV system based on BP neural network is proposed in this paper, which combines with the recurrent wavelet...

Authors: Gui Lin Yu, Nan Li, You Sheng Li, Yi Ning Wang

Abstract: Additives will affect directly the clinic operational properties of investment materials, and finally affect the quality of castings. The...

Authors: Lu Jun Li, Ming Zhang, Yu Zhu, Jin Chun Hu

Abstract: This paper studied a one-dimensional model of high-vacuum plane circular gas-bearing with a three-stage sealing system, and analyzed the...

Authors: Zainudin Kornain, A. Jalar, Rozaidi Rasid, C.S. Foong, T.L. Wong

Abstract: This paper presents the method to estimate curing profile's parameters for curing process of Moisture Resistance Cyanate Ester (MRCE) based...

Authors: Yang Yue, Guang Ping Zeng

Abstract: Aiming at the forward topics of self-adapting Internetware, relying on the practical software engineering technology and previous research...

Authors: Yu Chen, Guang Li, Chao Yang Dong, Qing Wang

Abstract: A novel adaptive fuzzy sliding mode predictive control (AFSMPC) method for solving the networked launch vehicle attitude control system with...

Authors: Guo Qiang Chen, Jian Li Kang

Abstract: Aiming at the spectrum analysis, the classification of PWM strategies based on digital implementation for the three-phase inverter is given....


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