Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Gang Fang, Jin Xiang Li, Cai Dong Gu, Hong Li Li

Abstract: Precision fruits system is based on new tools and sources of information provided by modern technologies, such as the global positioning...

Authors: Ling Huang, Jian Ping Wu

Abstract: The modeling of traveler’s daily travel behaviour is a complex problem. We propose a general activity-based traveler agent behaviour model...

Authors: Jun Wei Zhao, Tian Cheng Zhang, Guo Qiang Chen, Yan Qin Li

Abstract: Combining with some research achievements in remote control of robot at home and abroad, this paper analyzes general principle of it and...

Authors: Hong E Ren, Long Chen, Ji Feng Guo

Abstract: Wood drying is a complicated non-linear process that is lagged,time-variable and coupling. For them,it is difficult to build up ideal drying...

Authors: Xian Lei Cao, Tao Zhang, Cui Ling Ma

Abstract: The extended end-plate connections widely used in steel frames, at home and abroad,many countries have given varieties of different methods...

Authors: An Jia Mao, Jin He

Abstract: Modern power system has been gradually developed into a complex system with the features of multi-level structure, multi-time scale, a...

Authors: Yong Qiang Shi, Chang Ku Sun, Bao Guang Wang, Peng Wang, Hong Xu Duan

Abstract: The measurement of engine cylinder joint surface holes is directly related to the control of product quality and the follow-up assembly. CMM...

Authors: Ju Xiang Wang, Xiao Wang, Xin Wu

Abstract: The amount of the dissolved oxygen in the water is an important index for the fishery breeding. This design is intended to avoid the...

Authors: Yu Lian Fei, Xin Hou, Er Tian Hua

Abstract: Traditional methods such as scoring method, Likert scale method, etc, suffer from uncertainness, randomness and inaccuracy. To solve these...

Authors: Jin Xian Yang

Abstract: A geomagnetic dynamic simulator was designed, and attitude simulation application method was proposed. Three pairs of square Helmholtz coil...


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