Composite Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohd Fazuri Abdullah, Abu Bakar Sulong, Norhamidi Muhamad, Muhammad Ilman Hakimi Chua Abdullah, Nor Hamdan Nor Yahya

Abstract: The comparison of binder system between PP/ palm stearin and PE/ palm stearin both mixed with palm stearin were studied based on the...

Authors: M. Al-Qadhi, Necar Merah, K. Mezghani

Abstract: Epoxy resin is one of the most applied thermoset polymers as a matrix for Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipes (GFRP). Curing process of epoxy resin...

Authors: Mohammad Moazami-Goudarzi, Farshad Akhlaghi

Abstract: In the present study the effect of Mg addition on the characteristics of Al/SiC nanocomposite powder particles produced via a relatively new...

Authors: Mohammad Hajikazemi, Hamid Reza Ovesy, Mohammad Homayoun Sadr-Lahidjani

Abstract: In the current paper, a new semi-energy finite strip method is developed based on the concept of first order shear deformation theory (FSDT)...

Authors: Hamid Reza Ovesy, Mohammad Homayoun Sadr-Lahidjani, Mohammad Hajikazemi, Hassan Assaee

Abstract: In this paper, the application of previously the semi energy finite strip method (FSM) for the non-linear post-buckling analysis of...

Authors: W.H. Haniffah, Abdan Khalina, S.M. Sapuan

Abstract: Lignocelluloses based natural fibers composites are very prone to water absorption due to OH functional group within cellulose and...

Authors: Siti Nur Zafirah M. Zain, Z.N. Ismarrubie, E.S. Zainudin

Abstract: Polymer composites using natural fibers as the reinforcing agents have found their use in many applications. The initial development of...

Authors: Shu Ing Doh, C.H. Koid, G.Y. Ng, S.H. Teo, Suil Adilen

Abstract: Due to urbanisation and rapid development in Malaysia, the waste generated from the construction has increased tremendously. Such waste...

Authors: J. Sahari, S.M. Sapuan, Z.N. Ismarrubie, M.Z.A. Rahman

Abstract: This research was conducted to evaluate the potential of sugar palm residue as a raw material to produce the new green composites. The...

Authors: Nurashikin Sawal, Md Akil Hazizan

Abstract: Low-velocity impact test on sandwich panels composed of aluminum face sheets and thermoplastic honeycomb cores have been performed to...


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