Composite Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohd Syukry Zakaria, Ahmad Badri Ismail

Abstract: Response of aging treatment on aluminum alloy towards its hardness has been investigated. Alloy used on this research was develop base on a...

Authors: Xue Gang Tang, Meng Hou, Jin Zou, Rowan Truss

Abstract: Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) nanocomposites were prepared by ultrasonic treatment and magnetic stir....

Authors: Mohd Zulkefli Selamat, Jaafar Sahari, Norhamidi Muhamad, Andanastuti Muchtar

Abstract: This research concerns the effect of compression molding parameters on conducting polymer composite (CPC) properties such as electrical...

Authors: Majed A. Majeed, Ahmet S. Yigit, Andreas P. Christoforou

Abstract: This paper presents an elastoplastic impact model for a spherical object impacting a supported composite layer or a half-space. The model...

Authors: N. Muda, Salmiah Ibrahim, Norlida Kamarulzaman, Mohamed Nor Sabirin

Abstract: This paper describes the preparation and characterization of proton conducting nanocomposite polymer electrolytes based a polyvinylidene...

Authors: Mazdida Sulaiman, Azilah Abd Rahman, Mohamed Nor Sabirin

Abstract: Composite solid electrolytes in the system (1-x)Li2CO3-xAl2O3, where x = 0.1–0.7 were prepared by sol gel method using lithium carbonate and...

Authors: Mohd Firdaus Omar, Md Akil Hazizan, Zainal Arifin Ahmad

Abstract: Strain rate sensitivity and dynamic mechanical properties of polymeric materials are affected to a certain extent especially by the rate of...

Authors: M.A. Azmi, Hasan Zuhudi Abdullah, Maizlinda Izwana Idris

Abstract: In this work, sandwich composite properties were investigated by addition of coconut coir (CC). Fibres in the polyurethane foam cores ranges...

Authors: Ahmad Zuraida, Hazleen Anuar, Yusliza Yusof

Abstract: The motivation of this work is to lessen the dependence on non-degradable plastic packaging which can lead to waste disposal problems. In...

Authors: Ahmad Zuraida, Yusliza Yusof, Zahurin Halim, M. Yusof Fauziah

Abstract: The attention in natural fiber reinforced biopolymer composite materials has been rapidly growing both in terms of industrial applications...


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