Residual Stresses VII, ECRS7

Volumes 524-525

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Lin Peng, J. Gibmeier, Sebastian Eulert, Sten Johansson, Guo Cai Chai

Abstract: The deformation behaviour of the super duplex stainless steel SAF2507 (UNS S32750) under successive uniaxial tensile loading-unloading was...

Authors: D. Gloaguen, Emmanuel Girard, Ronald Guillén

Abstract: Complementary methods have been used to analyse residual stresses in zirconium alloy tubes which were manufactured by cold rolling : X-ray...

Authors: Neila Hfaiedh, Manuel François, Khemais Saanouni

Abstract: Internal stresses are an important factor in understanding the work hardening behaviour of polycrystalline materials. The goal of the...

Authors: Mariusz Bielawski

Abstract: A laser beam profilometry technique was used to investigate residual stress accumulation during TiN deposition and stress relaxation during...

Authors: Harri Lille, Jakub Kõo, Alexander Ryabchikov, Toomas Pihl

Abstract: An experimental method was developed for determination of residual stresses in electrochemically metallized (brush-plated) coatings by...

Authors: Kenji Suzuki, Keisuke Tanaka, Takahisa Shobu

Abstract: A NiCoCrAlY bond coating was low-pressure plasma sprayed on a stainless steel sub- strate. Zirconia with 8 wt% yttria was deposited on the...

Authors: Adele Carradò, Agnès Fabre, Laurent Barrallier, Nathalie Viart, Ion N. Mihailescu, Gabriel Socol, Sorin Grigorescu, Jacques Werckmann, S. Ciuca, M. Tarcolea

Abstract: The aim of this paper is the residual stress evaluation in dental implants and the improvement of adherence at the metal-ceramic interface....

Authors: Michael L. Benson, A.D. Stoica, Peter K. Liaw, Hahn Choo, T.A. Saleh, X.L. Wang, Donald W. Brown, Dwaine L. Klarstrom

Abstract: ULTIMET® alloy, a cobalt-based superalloy with good corrosion and wear resistant properties, exhibits a deformation-induced phase...

Authors: Yu. V. Taran, Jürgen Schreiber, Mark R. Daymond, E.C. Oliver

Abstract: On ECRS-6 [1], we have presented first results of the researches of fatigue degradation and martensitic transformation of austenitic...

Authors: B. Malard, Thilo Pirling, Karim Inal, Etienne Patoor, Sophie Berveiller

Abstract: This paper focuses on the study of the superelastic behavior associated to the stress induced martensite transformation in a...


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