Recent Developments in the Processing and Applications of Structural Metals and Alloys

Volumes 604-605

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ignacio Rieiro, Jesus Castellanos, Manuel Carsí, Julio Muñoz, Oscar A. Ruano

Abstract: A model for describing the plastic flow has been developed. The model is based on a strain dependent Garofalo equation and predicts the...

Authors: Roberto B. Figueiredo, Megumi Kawasaki, Terence G. Langdon

Abstract: Processing through the application of severe plastic deformation (SPD) provides an opportunity for achieving very significant grain...

Authors: O.N. Senkov, M.R. Shagiev, D.B. Miracle

Abstract: Small additions of Sc and Zr may considerably improve both strength and ductility of 7000 series aluminum alloys, which is associated with...

Authors: Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani

Abstract: In this paper a review of several papers published on seam weld formation also by the authors is presented and discussed: the process...

Authors: D. Pilone, F. Felli, U. Bernabai

Abstract: The process involving cold rolling and annealing of Al-steel-Al sandwiches allows to produce an alloy containing more than 7 wt.% of Al....

Authors: Donato Firrao, Paolo Matteis, Giovanni M.M. Mortarino, P. Russo Spena, Giorgio Scavino, F. D'Aiuto

Abstract: A fully austenitic steel containing 0.5 wt.% C and 22 wt.% Mn was recently proposed for the fabrication of automotive body structures by...

Authors: P. Ricci, Mohamad El Mehtedi, L. Barone, S. Spigarelli

Abstract: The formability of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheets, with two different thicknesses, has been investigated at room temperature and 250°C by means...

Authors: O.N. Senkov

Abstract: Semi-amorphous aluminum alloy powders produced by gas atomization were compacted using equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) in the...

Authors: Emanuela Cerri, P.P. De Marco, Paola Leo

Abstract: ECAP (Equal Channel Angular Pressing) is a very interesting method for modifying microstructure in producing UFG (Ultra Fine Grained)...

Authors: Dmitry Orlov, Yoshikazu Todaka, Minoru Umemoto, Yan Beygelzimer, Z. Horita, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: In the present work, effects of loading scheme and strain reversal on structure evolution are studied by using high pressure torsion (HPT)...


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