Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Long Li, Li Peng Huo, Fu Sheng Zhang, Jiang Tao Xiong, Wen Ya Li

Abstract: Pure titanium TA2 and 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel were vacuum diffusion bonded using Nb + Ni foils as interlayers, where Nb foil was adjacent...

Authors: Hong Wei Li, Qin Zhang, Zhi Hao Jin, Guan Jun Qiao

Abstract: Machinable SiC/graphite composites were fabricated by Plasma Activated Sintering (PAS), which characterized by high heating rate, short time...

Authors: Yu Yong Chen, Yan Fei Chen, Shu Long Xiao, Fan Tao Kong, Jing Tian, Li Juan Xu

Abstract: γ-TiAl components due to their unique properties are on the verge of industrial application for increasing operation temperature and...

Authors: Bo Liang, Huang Chen, Chuan Xian Ding

Abstract: The low temperature transformation of ZrO2-3 mol% Y2O3 coatings were investigated at 40 ~100oC using Raman spectroscopy. The results show...

Authors: Hong Bo Ma, Jin Li, Jun Yang

Abstract: HRB500 has been recognized an excellent material for structure. In this paper, Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) computer emulator method was...

Authors: Yong Hui Zhang, Zhi Chao Xiao, Jian Feng Yang, Ji Ping Wang, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: C/C-SiC brake materials were prepared by improved chemical liquid vaporized infiltration (CLVI) combined with liquid silicon infiltration...

Authors: Rui Guo, Bo Wang, Ji Qiang Gao, Jian Feng Yang

Abstract: Dense multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) reinforced barium aluminosilicate (BAS)–silicon nitride (Si3N4) composites were fabricated by...

Authors: Gui Min Zhang, Zheng Yi Fu, Yu Cheng Wang, Hao Wang, Wei Min Wang, Jin Yong Zhang

Abstract: Two different kinds of mullite precursors with composition 3Al2O3•2SiO2 (3:2) were prepared by conventional drying ethanol solution and...

Authors: Peng Liu, Hui Cheng Shi, Hai Yun Jin, Nai Kui Gao, Zong Ren Peng

Abstract: Reinforcement was performed to epoxy resin by CaCO3 whisker, and the effect of flexural property of CaCO3 whisker reinforced composite...

Authors: Hong Kyu Kwon, Kwang Soo Kim

Abstract: “Getting to market first” is extremely intensive pressure on the companies in this competitive business environment. The speed at which...


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