Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Chen, Ming Kai Zhou, Zhi Yong Fan

Abstract: The cement-fly ash stabilized crushed-stones are prepared with different cements, which SO3 contents are 1.8%,2.6%,3.4%,4.2%,5.0%,5.8% and...

Authors: Yong Peng, Zhuang De Jiang, Zheng Yong Duan

Abstract: One fiber stain measure and control system has been designed to meet the problem that the magnitude and uniformity of the fiber strain...

Authors: Yong Nan Chen, Jian Feng Wei, Yong Qing Zhao, Xue Dan Ma

Abstract: The effects of the process parameters on the deformation behavior of Ti14 alloy have been investigated by compressive tests, at temperature...

Authors: Jung Ho Seo, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: The microstructure, hardness and tensile properties of Mg-3Al, Mg-3Al-1.2Ca(AX31), Mg-3Al-1.2CaO(AO31), Mg-9Al, Mg-9Al-1.2Ca(AX91) and...

Authors: Jin Young Kim, Eun Jung Kim, Jeong Whan Han

Abstract: Phase equilibrium of the Mg-Al-Sn alloy system was calculated in detail by utilizing phase diagram calculation commercial package and other...

Authors: Nam Ju Jo, Do Hee Lim, Young Min Song, Geong Mi Bark, Won Ki Lee

Abstract: This paper investigated the use of electrostrictive polymers with compliant electrodes as a means of actuator. In many electrostrictive...

Authors: Ya Ran Niu, Xuan Yong Liu, Yi Zeng, Xue Bin Zheng, Heng Ji, Chuan Xian Ding

Abstract: Silicon-based materials have been widely applied in industrial fields, such as microelectronic and solar power, for the specific electronic...

Authors: Zi Yuan Zhu, Fu Qiang Zhang, You Tao Xie, Yi Kai Chen, Xue Bin Zheng

Abstract: Failure of dental implant is often caused by specific pathogenic bacteria. In this paper, antibacterial HA coating was prepared by vacuum...

Authors: Jie Sheng Liu, Shao Peng Wu, Mei Zhu Chen, Yi Xuan Mi

Abstract: Fillers play important roles in the performances of silicone rubber, such as mechanical and physical properties. In this paper, the silicone...

Authors: Woo Ram Lee, Eun Hee Kim, Jae Young Kwon, Jae Hyun Kim, Yeon Gil Jung

Abstract: New composite binder systems have been developed to improve strength of shell mold and to decrease processing time, as functions of dipping...


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