Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sung Il Jung, Young Seok Sim, Jae Hyun Kim, Je Hyun Lee, Yeon Gil Jung, Ung Yu Paik

Abstract: The effects of the introduction of a buffer layer between the bond and top coats on the indentation stress-strain behavior and the contact...

Authors: Zhi Guo Xing, Zhen Lin Lu, Yong Xin Zhou, Jian Liu

Abstract: The erosion wear characteristics of SiC particles reinforced steel matrix surface composite were studied by self-made slurry erosion wear...

Authors: Hui Xie, G.H. Bai, L. Jia, E.K. Liu, Zhen Lin Lu

Abstract: Bulk Fe-80at%Ni melts were undercooled by using cyclic superheating and glass slag purification technique, and the maximum undercooling 340...

Authors: Ya Ru Cui, Yun Hua Xu, Shao Chun Xu, Xiao Ming Li, Jun Yang

Abstract: To investigate the possibility and reaction route of fabrication high purity Ti3SiC2 powders using coarse reactants by a relatively simpler...

Authors: Lu Lu Wang, Guang Xin Li, Xin Pei Ma, Feng Jiang, Jun Sun

Abstract: The mechanical properties of two high manganese steels with manganese contents (15% and 25%) were investigated during tensile tests at room...

Authors: Xin Sheng Xu, Ning Zhang, Tao Ji

Abstract: The paper described the detailed design and production method of the FRP bar and the anchorage device, and it also introduced the test...

Authors: Young Seok Sim, Sung Il Jung, Jae Young Kwon, Je Hyun Lee, Yeon Gil Jung, Ung Yu Paik

Abstract: The effects of bond coat nature in thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems on the delamination or fracture behavior of the TBCs with different...

Authors: Ting Wei Cao, Shao Peng Wu, Ming Yu Chen, Jun Tao Lin

Abstract: Porous asphalt is one of the most functional structures for the surface layer of asphalt pavement, which has already shown excellent noise...

Authors: Cong Hui Liu, Shao Peng Wu, Hong Wang, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: One micro-powder rubber (styrene butadiene rubber-SBR) at three concentration levels are used for manufacturing polymer modified asphalt...

Authors: Wei Zhang, De Ning Zou, Guang Wei Fan, Jiao Li

Abstract: Specimens of SAF2507 super-duplex stainless steel were heated at 920°C with different aging time. The phase transformation and development...


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