Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Cui, Hao Du, Li Shi Wen

Abstract: F-doped TiO2 has exhibited superior photocatalytic activity. However, its electronic structures and photocatalysis mechanism are still...

Authors: Leticia M. Torres-Martínez, Cecilia Sánchez-Trinidad, Vicente Rodríguez-González, Ricardo Gómez

Abstract: Indium-alkali microfibers doped ceramic were prepared by the sol-gel process. The gels preparation samples, were heat treated at 700°C for...

Authors: Li Li Liang, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin, Chang Gang Xu, Zhao Zhao

Abstract: Monoclinic crystal bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) was synthesized by the high temperature solid state reaction after ball milling the materials of...

Authors: Eiji Watanabe, Kaori Nishizawa, Takeshi Miki, Hiroshi Taoda

Abstract: The influence of the titania photocatalyst nano-particles to the skin is to be doubted. We studied the influence of different titania...

Authors: Jin Wook Ha, Young Woong Do, Jae Hyun Park, Chul Hee Han

Abstract: Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition (FB-CVD) method offers advantages over conventional Chemical Vapor Deposition method in coating...

Authors: Bin Liu, Yu Hua Wang, Shu Yin, Tsugio Sato

Abstract: Nitrogen doped titania was coupled with the commercial titania nanoparticles by mechanical milling in liquid medium. When small amount of...

Authors: Hui Hui Li, Yu Hua Wang

Abstract: This paper aims at the investigation of photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide coatings covering on the surfaces of long...

Authors: Kaori Nishizawa, Takeshi Miki, Eiji Watanabe, Hiroshi Taoda

Abstract: Two types of titanium dioxide sol solutions were prepared using titanium tetra-isopropoxide, urea, 2-methoxyethanol and water. The prepared...

Authors: Dae Yong Shin, Kyung Nam Kim

Abstract: Thin films of various composition in the system of TiO2•SiO2 have been fabricated by the sol-gel process using Si(OC2H5) and Ti(OC3H7i)4 as...

Authors: Yun Hu, Xia Zhang, Chao Hai Wei

Abstract: Visible-light responsible Mn-N-codoped TiO2 nanocrystal photocatalysts were synthesized for the first time by a simple hydrothermal...


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