Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Ni Yu, Wen Xiu Liu, Jing Ma, Xiao Guang Qu, Wen Bin Cao, Zhong Ying Zhang, Jing Hong Mao

Abstract: Titanate nanotubes have been directly prepared by hydrothermally treating P25 powders in NaOH aqueous solution. Effect of calcination...

Authors: Takeshi Miki, Kaori Nishizawa, Eiji Watanabe, Hiroshi Taoda

Abstract: To obtain porous and thick TiO2 film, the precursor sol was prepared by hydrolysis of Ti isopropoxide and then complexed with trehalose...

Authors: Jing Ma, Wen Xiu Liu, Xiao Guang Qu, Dan Ni Yu, Wen Bin Cao

Abstract: TiO2 thin film was prepared on soda lime glass by hydrolysis of Ti(OC4H9)4 in alcoholic solutions by sol-gel method combined with...

Authors: In Churl Cho, Yong Kap Park, Yong Choi

Abstract: A unique method, so called, hydro-thermal synthetic method was applied to produce nano-sized inorganic blue (Y2SiO5:Ce) and red (Y2O2S:Eu+3)...

Authors: Xiao Guang Qu, Wen Xiu Liu, Jing Ma, Dan Ni Yu, Wen Bin Cao, Jing Hong Mao

Abstract: The binding energy of anatase TiO2, in which the Ti was substituted by other transition metals in the 4th, 5th and 6th periods of the...

Authors: Xi Wen Zhang, Cen Cen Liu, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: AZO/TiO2 double-layered semiconductor coupled films were prepared through sequentially depositing AZO and TiO2 films on glass substrates by...

Authors: Li Li, Guang Ming Yuan, Zong Wei Niu, Rong Guo Hou

Abstract: Sintered NdFeB permanent magnet is widely used in many areas because of its excellent magnet property. In this study, the machining...

Authors: Tatsuya Ono, Koji Matsumaru, Isaías Juárez-Ramírez, Leticia M. Torres-Martínez, Kozo Ishizaki

Abstract: Machines for manufacturing large scale flat displays are enlarging as the size of glasses increases. This work develops porous materials...

Authors: Hong Wang, Shao Peng Wu, Ling Pang

Abstract: Flexible pavement-asphalt mixture plays an important role in structures of the primary road and bridge at present. However, the mixture is a...

Authors: Xiang Yang Chen, Chun Yang Bu, Xin Zhe Lan, Xin Rui Zhao

Abstract: The principle and process of producing molybdenum powder via reduction reaction of molybdenum trioxide at lower temperature in a N2-H2...


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