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Authors: Tadeusz Frączek, Michał Olejnik, Jarosław Jasiński

Abstract: The AISI 316L grade austenitic steel after glow discharge nitriding at a temperature of T = 598 K and for duration of  = 10,8 ks, for...

Authors: Liu Jie Xu, Shi Zhong Wei, Ying Ping Ji, Guo Shang Zhang, Ji Wen Li, Rui Long

Abstract: The high vanadium high-speed steel (HVHSS) with about 9wt% vanadium and different carbon contents were prepared using casting process. The...

Authors: Yasunori Harada, Koji Yoshida

Abstract: Shot peening is a surface treatment that improves the performance of engineering components. In conventional shot peening, the medium...

Authors: Wen Fang Cui, Chun Ming Liu, Si Xun Zhang

Abstract: The research aims to evaluate the microstructure, mechanical properties and marine corrosion resistance of P-bearing ULCB steels. P produced...

Authors: Hyun Young Chang, Heung Bae Park, Young Sik Kim, Sang Kon Ahn, Kwang Tae Kim, Yoon Young Jang

Abstract: Lean duplex stainless steels have been developed in Korea for the purpose of being used in the seawater systems of industries. The flow...

Authors: Young Sup Lee, Choon Ho Jung, Ying Hua Jiang, Jae Taek Im, Young Hoo Lee, Sam Kyu Chang, Man Rae Kim, Joong Hwan Jun

Abstract: The surface cracking behaviors of Cu-bearing steels were studied under similar conditions of the direct hot charging processes. Several...

Authors: Debabrata Pradhan, Ramana G. Reddy

Abstract: A thermodynamic model for the prediction of interfacial tension of liquid iron, inclusion and solid oxide substrate/refractory was...

Authors: Il Sohn, Asish Sinha

Abstract: With advances in mold instrumentation, high performance mold fluxes, better reliability maintenance procedures, and improved operating...

Authors: Jeong Tea Kim, Byeon Gook Kong

Abstract: Coal fired power generation should be amalgamated with efficiency improvement technology of electric-power production and treatment...

Authors: Lin Geng, H.L. Wang, Y.B. Song, Jie Zhang

Abstract: In this work, Ti5Si3 and TiC particle reinforced titanium aluminide matrix composite sheet was fabricated by rolling and reaction annealing...


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