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Authors: Dong Wei Fan, Han Soo Kim, Rho Bum Park, Bruno C. De Cooman

Abstract: In the present work, the formation of an aluminide coating prior to Hot Press Forming (HPF) was investigated. It was found that the...

Authors: Takehide Senuma, Yoshito Takemoto

Abstract: Hot stamping is an attractive method to produce extra high strength automotive components. In the conventional hot stamping, the furnace...

Authors: Innocent Shuro, Minoru Umemoto, Yoshikazu Todaka, Seiji Yokoyama

Abstract: SUS 304 austenitic stainless steel was subjected to severe plastic deformation (SPD) by the method of high pressure torsion (HPT). From a...

Authors: Yan Dong Liu, Yi Qiao Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the torsional texture evolution of pearlitic steel wire is simulated by Full Constrains (FC) Taylor model. The simulation...

Authors: Ryo Nakagawa, Takeharu Matsuno, Yasuo Marumo, Yuya Hayano, Li Qun Ruan, Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Hiroshi Harada

Abstract: Characteristics of slide-bend forming were investigated. In this process, foil specimens can be bent to various shaped products by indenting...

Authors: Xuan Zhi Wang, Syed H. Masood

Abstract: Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) are increasingly used in sheet metal stamping in the automotive industry. In comparison with...

Authors: Cheol Hee Kim

Abstract: In a welded structure, thick plates are joined by multi-pass welding in the butt joint. During the first pass of multi-pass welding,...

Authors: Bao Sen Wang, Shuang Chun Zhu, Xia Ning Ye

Abstract: Weldability of ultra low carbon and nitrogen, low chromium ferrite stainless steel is analysed by using Thermol-cal software and welding...

Authors: Wei Shu, Xue Min Wang, Shu Rui Li, Xin Lai He

Abstract: The relationship between the oxide inclusions and the Heat-affected-zone (HAZ) toughness of microalloying steels has been investigated. The...

Authors: Reza Mohammed, Qian Chu Liu, Madabhushi Janardhana, Graham Clark

Abstract: High-strength steels are used in several critical aerospace applications such as aircraft landing gear, primary structure and engine...


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