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Authors: Jun Hua Dong, Shan Na Xu, Wei Ke, Nan Chen

Abstract: The effect of Cd additions on NDE of an as-cast Mg-Cd alloy in 0.1M NaCl solution was investigated using the gas collection method,...

Authors: Arvin Prasad, Ian F. Bainbridge

Abstract: The process of direct chill (DC) casting of aluminium and magnesium alloys is regarded as a mature technology. The thrust of more recent...

Authors: Myoung Gyun Kim, Jong Ho Kim, Joon Pyo Park, Gyu Chang Lee, Woo Jin Kim

Abstract: Currently, magnesium billets produced by ingot casting or direct chill casting process, result in low-quality surfaces and peer...

Authors: Mohammad Imran, Rajpreet Dhaliwal, Syed H. Masood

Abstract: High pressure die casting (HPDC) is widely used for manufacturing aluminum parts in automotive industry. In high pressure die casting mold,...

Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, Shuuya Hanada, Sinji Kumi, Hisaki Watari

Abstract: In-line rolling was operated on the as-cast strip cast by a vertical type high speed twin roll caster. The AA6022 and AA6111 strip was...

Authors: Mi Seon Choi, Chang Kyu Lee, Go Gi Lee, Sung Koo Cho, Jae Young Jung

Abstract: The electrolytic production of magnesium from magnesium chloride containing sodium chloride-rich melts has been studied using mono-polar...

Authors: Paul Koltun, Ambalavanar Tharumarajah

Abstract: High strength properties combined with low density has made magnesium alloys a highly attractive structural material, in particular where...

Authors: G.M. Delphine Cantin, Nigel A. Stone, David Alexander, Mark A. Gibson, David Ritchie, Robert Wilson, Merchant Yousuff, Raj Rajakumar, Kevin Rogers

Abstract: A significant research effort within the CSIRO Light Metal Flagship is aimed at developing new processes for the manufacture of...

Authors: Ju Beom Lim, Colleen J. Bettles, Barry C. Muddle, Nho Kwang Park

Abstract: The green strength of a powder compact results from the mechanical interlocking of the irregularities on the particle surfaces. During...

Authors: Tomohito Yoshimura, Thotsaphon Thrirujirapaphong, Hisashi Imai, Katsuyoshi Kondoh

Abstract: Pure titanium has good specific properties i.e. low density of 4.5g/cm3, extremely high resistance for corrosion and good elongation....


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