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Authors: Stefan Gulizia, A. Trentin, S. Vezzù, Silvano Rech, Peter King, Mahnaz Z. Jahedi, Mario Guagliano

Abstract: Cold spray is a solid state spray deposition process utilizing a supersonic De Laval nozzle to accelerate fine particles to high velocities....

Authors: Nho Kwang Park, Jin Gee Park, Sang Hyun Seo, Jeoung Han Kim

Abstract: Titanium and its alloys are difficult-to-form materials due to limited slip system and plastic anisotropy. Titanium is also prone to change...

Authors: Kazuhiro Kume, Mitsuaki Furui, Susumu Ikeno, Yusuke Ishisaka, Masayuki Yamamoto

Abstract: Beta type titanium alloys in a cold processability are light, have high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and the same level as...

Authors: Dacian Tomus, Ma Qian, Peng Yu, Craig A. Brice, Colleen J. Bettles, Barry C. Muddle

Abstract: Plate samples of Al-2Sc were processed with an electron beam (EB) gun in a vacuum of 10-3 Pa at 50kV and 30 µA. EB processing suppressed the...

Authors: Xiang Yuan Xiong, Stavroula Moutsos, Russell King, Barry C. Muddle

Abstract: The composition of  precipitates in aluminium alloy 8090 has been analysed using a 3 dimensional atom probe with fast data acquisition...

Authors: Ling Fei Cao, Paul A. Rometsch, Hao Zhong, Barry C. Muddle

Abstract: The effect of different pre-ageing treatments on the subsequent artificial ageing response of Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) alloys have been investigated...

Authors: Ryoichi Monzen, Tadashi Terazawa, Chihiro Watanabe

Abstract: The influence of an external stress on the nucleation and growth of disk-shaped G.P. zones has been investigated for a Cu-1.2wt%Be-0.1wt%Co...

Authors: Katharina Strobel, Elizabeth Sweet, Mark Easton, Jian Feng Nie, Malcolm Couper

Abstract: In high strength AlMgSi alloys additions of Mn and Cr lead to the formation of dispersoid phases whose primary functions are to improve...

Authors: Kenji Matsuda, Junya Nakamura, Keisuke Yamamoto, Tokimasa Kawabata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: The purpose of study is to investigate aging behavior, crystal structures of metastable phase and relative frequency of metastable phases in...

Authors: Dao Kui Xu, Paul A. Rometsch, Hua Chen, Barry C. Muddle

Abstract: In this work, the influence of multi-step solution (MSS) treatments on the constituent particle dissolution, overheating and associated...


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