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Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, Teppei Nakamura, Sinji Kumi, Hisaki Watari

Abstract: Al-SiCp aluminum alloy has some useful advantages i.e., low thermal expansion, better thermal conductivity and wear resistant. Recently,...

Authors: Qing Feng Zhu, Zhi Hao Zhao, Xiang Jie Wang, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The influence of different electromagnetic fields on the horizontal direct chill (HDC) casting of aluminum alloy is studied. 7075 aluminum...

Authors: Ji Wen Li, Ai Qin Wang, Jing Pei Xie, Wen Yan Wang, Luo Li Li

Abstract: Rapidly solidified hypereutectic Al-21Si was prepared by the single roller melt-spinning technique. The microstructure morphology...

Authors: Wen Zhen Li, Shi Ying Liu, Qiong Yuan Zhang, Xue Zhu

Abstract: SiC nanoparticles reinforced ADC12 aluminium alloy nanocomposites were synthesized by mechanical stirring and high-intensity ultrasonic...

Authors: Yan Xiang Li, W.W. Yuan, X. Chen

Abstract: Metallic foams of A356 alloy with a uniform porosity of 75-85% were produced with the melt foaming process. The microstructure inside the...

Authors: Iya I. Tashlykova-Bushkevich, Takahiro Shikagawa, Vasiliy G. Shepelevich, Goroh Itoh

Abstract: Thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) technique has been used to study hydrogen behaviour in rapidly solidified (RS) aluminium (Al) both...

Authors: Yoshimasa Takayama, Yuki Kido, Hajime Kato, Hideo Watanabe

Abstract: Coarsening of grain structure in surface layers in 5454 and 5083 Al-Mg based alloy sheets has been made by continuous cyclic bending (CCB),...

Authors: Y.G. Ko, Y.G. Kim, S. Namgung, Dong Hyuk Shin, Sung Hak Lee

Abstract: In this study, dynamic deformation behavior of submicrocrystalline aluminum alloy was established with respect to equal-channel angular...

Authors: Han Liang Zhu, Matthew S. Dargusch

Abstract: The trace element Zr was added to an Al-Mg alloy to investigate its effects on microstructure and warm formability of aluminium sheets....

Authors: Majid Vaseghi, Ali Karimi Taheri, Ji Hoon Yoo, Soo Hyun Joo, Hyoung Seop Kim

Abstract: Equal channel angular pressing is an outstanding method for imposing large plastic deformation to metallic materials without any decreasing...


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