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Authors: Chihiro Watanabe, Ryoichi Monzen

Abstract: Low-cycle fatigue behavior of a wrought Al-0.8wt%Mg-0.7wt%Si alloy with and without 0.27wt%Sc has been investigated at room temperature...

Authors: Tokuteru Uesugi, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: We investigate the energy of segregation of solute Ca at symmetric tilt grain boundary in aluminum from the first-principles calculations....

Authors: Steven P. Knight, Graham Clark, A.J. Davenport, Anthony R. Trueman

Abstract: Intergranular corrosion can lead to significant problems such as sub-critical crack growth or loss in section strength, potentially leading...

Authors: Shan Qing Xu, Dong Ruan, John H. Beynon, Guo Xing Lu

Abstract: The compressive behavior of two closed cell aluminum foams (Alporas and Cymat) were investigated under various strain rates from 10-3 to 102...

Authors: Roger N. Lumley, Maya Gershenzon, Dayalan R. Gunasegaram

Abstract: Recently, heat treatment technologies have been developed by the CSIRO Light Metals Flagship in Australia that allow the 0.2% proof stress...

Authors: Da Shu, Bao De Sun, Jia Wei Mi, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: High-intensity ultrasound was applied during the preparation of an Al-5Ti-1B master alloy when reacting fluoride salts with molten Al. The...

Authors: Zhan W. Chen, Song Cui, Wei Gao, Tian Ping Zhu

Abstract: Castings may be used more as structural components if friction stir (FS) processing could refine the microstructures satisfactorily. For...

Authors: Cheol Hee Kim, Won Ho Choi, Ki Young Park

Abstract: Aluminum alloys are extensively used in the automotive industry in response to increasing requirements for weight reduction in car body...

Authors: Keyan Feng, Mitsuhiro Watanabe, Shinji Kumai

Abstract: Friction stir spot welding (FSSW) was applied to lap joining of aluminum alloy sheets and steel sheets. A 1.2 mm-thick non-plated carbon...

Authors: Bong Hwan Kim, Sang Mok Lee, Hideyuki Yasuda

Abstract: Effects of Cr addition on morphology of β-Al5FeSi phase formed in recycled aluminum alloy were studied as a function of cooling rate by...


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