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Authors: Young Ho Lee, Hyung Kyu Kim

Abstract: A dual-cooled fuel (i.e. annular fuel) has been proposed to substantially increase in power density and safety margins compared to a solid...

Authors: Genjiro Hagino, Hayao Eguchi, Yoshimasa Takayama, Hajime Kato

Abstract: The influences of solution treatments, prior cold drawings and aging treatments on mechanical properties in Corson alloy with high contents...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Xi Tao Wang, Sen Bao Jiang, Jian Hua Wu

Abstract: Thermo-physical properties of diamond reinforced Al composites were investigated. Volume fraction of diamond particles was up to 55%. In...

Authors: Feng Zhou, Chun H. Wang, Adrian P. Mouritz

Abstract: This paper presents a computational and experimental investigation of the influence of self-healing micro-vessels on the structural...

Authors: Deng Ke Yang, Peter D. Hodgson, Cui'e Wen

Abstract: The bond strength of various metal multilayers produced by cold rolling of metal foils with different thermal conductivity was investigated....

Authors: Hee Young Ko, Kwang Bok Shin, Jung Seok Kim

Abstract: In this study, the fatigue characteristics and life of woven glass fabric/epoxy laminate composites applied to railway vehicle were...

Authors: Alex Harman, Andrew Litchfield, Rodney Thomson

Abstract: Approaches to detect, assess, monitor and repair damage in critical aircraft components fabricated from composite materials are essential...

Authors: Huk Jin Yoon, Kwang Yong Song, Jung Seok Kim, Kwang Bok Shin, Seung Chul Kim

Abstract: In the conventional DCB test, test is usually conducted by observing the crack growth with a microscope, in this paper, new technique is...

Authors: Richard J. Callinan, John Wang, C. White

Abstract: Carbon fibre composites are being used in the structure of new generation helicopters in order to reduce weight. Helicopters such as armed...

Authors: Eudora Sia Ying Yeo, John Wang, Leo Mirabella, Andrew N. Rider

Abstract: Many modern military aircraft are constructed from composite and bonded structure, such as thin carbon-epoxy laminate bonded to Kevlar® and...


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