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Authors: Bernhard Wielage, Ina Hoyer, Sebastian Weis

Abstract: Lightweight composite materials like aluminium-matrix composites (AMC) have been applied in many different sectors such as aerospace...

Authors: Gen Sasaki, Yoshimasa Hara, Zhe Feng Xu, Kenji Sugio, Hiroshi Fukushima, Yong Bum Choi, Kazuhiro Matsugi

Abstract: In this study, the fabrication of carbon containing aluminum composites was attempted by using low-pressure infiltration method. At first,...

Authors: Nobuyuki Fuyama, Akira Terayama, Toshio Fujii, Tohru Shiraishi, Yuki Miyake, Gen Sasaki

Abstract: Metallic fibers (Fe-Cr-Si) with an excellent high temperature strength are expected to be use as a reinforced material of the engine piston...

Authors: Jeong Hyeon Do, Chang Woo Jeon, Duk Hyun Nam, Choong Nyun Paul Kim, Young Bum Song, Sung Hak Lee

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the ballistic performance of Zr-based bulk metallic glass/Ti surface composites fabricated by high-energy...

Authors: Shi Ping Wu, Hui Jun Kang, Jing Jie Guo

Abstract: Mg3Zn6Y quasicrystal particulate reinforced Mg-8Gd-3Y alloy was fabricated by adding the Mg3Zn6Y quasicrystal particles into the Mg-8Gd-3Y...

Authors: Guo Shang Zhang, Yi Min Gao, Jian Dong Xing, Shi Zhong Wei, Ji Wen Li, Liu Jie Xu

Abstract: In order to improve the wear resistant properties, WC ceramic particles were used to reinforce Hadfield steel. WCp/Hadfield steel composites...

Authors: Celal Cingi, Veijo Rauta, Eero Niini, Juhani Orkas

Abstract: Composite metal products consisting of two different alloys can be prepared by a few methods. Cast bonding is one of these methods. The bond...

Authors: Hyo Soo Lee, Hyouk Chon Kwon

Abstract: The effectiveness of residual stress on forming copper patterns of printed circuit board was investigated during applied thermal conditions....

Authors: En Gang Wang, Lei Qu, Xiao Wei Zuo, Lin Zhang, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: The Cu-12.8wt%Fe alloys are prepared in a vacuum induction furnace and then drawn to Cu-Fe composite wires with the drawing ratio of 8.2....

Authors: Shinji Kato, Makoto Kobashi, Naoyuki Kanetake

Abstract: Recently, industrial technology for both improving thermal conductivity and controlling the coefficient of thermal expansion of heat sink...


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