Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.A. Silva, J.N.F. Holanda

Abstract: Aluminous electrical porcelains are used in the production of materials of high voltage insulators. The microstructure plays an important...

Authors: José Vitor C. Souza, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono, Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva, G.V. Martins, João Paulo Barros Machado, M. Pimenta

Abstract: Nowadays, silicon nitride based cutting tools are used to machine cast iron from the automotive industry and nickel superalloys from the...

Authors: Helio R. Simoni, Eduardo Saito, Claudinei dos Santos, Felipe Antunes Santos, Alfeu Saraiva Ramos, Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva

Abstract: In this work, the effect of the milling time on the densification of the alumina ceramics with or without 5wt.%Y2O3, is evaluated, using...

Authors: Tiago Falcade, Diego Pereira Tarragó, Cibele Melo Halmenschlager, Vânia Caldas de Sousa, Claudia Trindade de Oliveira, Célia Fraga Malfatti

Abstract: The development of solid oxide fuel cell has shown that the thin film concept for the electrode supported designs, based on the...

Authors: S.C. Santos, L.F.G. Setz, Chieko Yamagata, Sonia Regina Homem de Mello-Castanho

Abstract: Yttria (Y2O3) has been used in many technological applications areas as luminescence material, high temperature and strength structural...

Authors: Monica Castoldi Borlini Gadioli, Mariane Costalonga de Aguiar, Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Sérgio Neves Monteiro

Abstract: The fabrication process of clay pans in the state of Espírito Santo, southeast of Brazil, is a recognized part of the country’s popular...

Authors: Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva, José Vitor C. Souza, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono, G.V. Martins, M.V. Ribeiro, João Paulo Barros Machado

Abstract: Advanced ceramic materials constitute a mature technology with a very broad base of current and potential applications and a growing list of...

Authors: Antônio Carlos da Silva, J.J. Reinosa, J.S. Moya, J.F. Fernandez, Sonia Regina Homem de Mello-Castanho

Abstract: Green stoneware tiles have been produced by the incorporation of galvanic waste to industrial compositions processed from kaolinitic clay,...

Authors: Karolina Pereira Santos Tonello, Vânia Trombini Hernandes, Ana Helena A. Bressiani, José Carlos Bressiani

Abstract: Specific properties of structural ceramics such as their mechanical and thermal stability permit their use in high-speed cutting processes...

Authors: Rubens Chiba, Reinaldo Azevedo Vargas, Marco Andreoli, Thais Aranha Barros Santoro, Emília Satoshi Miyamaru Seo

Abstract: The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is an electrochemical device generating of electric energy, constituted of cathode, electrolyte and anode;...


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