Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shirley Cosin, Valquiria F.J. Kozievitch, J.E.D Rito, N.E.K. Albanez, Guillermo R. Martín Cortés, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz

Abstract: Among the researches applied to the sustainable production of construction materials there are the incorporation of rejects from the civil...

Authors: C.P. Silva, C. Santos, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva

Abstract: In this work itria stabilized ZrO2 based ceramics for dental applications has been sintered and characterized in terms of physical and...

Authors: Renata Barbosa, Dayanne Diniz Souza, Edcleide Maria Araújo, Karine Castro Nóbrega, Tomás Jefférson Alves de Mélo

Abstract: Paraíba is the main natural bentonite producing state of Brazil. Besides the advantage of abundance of bentonite clays, its transformation...

Authors: P.T.A. Santos, Hélio Lucena Lira, Lucianna Gama, F. Argolo, Heloysa Martins Carvalho Andrade, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa

Abstract: The selective reaction of CO oxidation (PROX) was named as the most attractive way to reduce the CO concentration, thereby purifying the...

Authors: Edcleide Maria Araújo, Renê Anísio da Paz, Tomás Jefférson Alves de Mélo, Amanda Melissa Damião Leite, Renata Barbosa, Edson Noriyuki Ito

Abstract: The effect of nylon 6 (Ny6) molecular weight on the development of polymer/layered silicates nanocomposites prepared by the melt...

Authors: Amanda Melissa Damião Leite, Keila Machado Medeiros, Edcleide Maria Araújo, Larissa Fernandes Maia, Hélio Lucena Lira, Renê Anísio da Paz

Abstract: In this work, it was produced hybrids organic/inorganic membranes of nylon6 and clay mineral constituted of silicate layers, from the...

Authors: Walter Kenji Yoshito, Nildemar A.M. Ferreira, Ana Carolina S. Coutinho Rumbao, Dolores Ribeiro Ricci Lazar, Valter Ussui

Abstract: Titania ceramics have many applications due to its surface properties and, recently, its nanostructured compounds, prepared by hydrothermal...

Authors: Maria Graças da Silva-Valenzuela, Shu Hui Wang, Helio Wiebeck, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz

Abstract: Drug delivery systems involving microcapsules provide an attractive way to improve the performance of many chemical and biological...

Authors: Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Luiz Fernando Teixeira Queiroz, Sérgio Neves Monteiro

Abstract: This work has as its objective to add sand, up to 25 wt.%, to a clayey ceramic body used for roofing tiles fabrication. Specimens were...

Authors: S.L. Reis, E.N.S. Muccillo

Abstract: Samaria-doped ceria is a candidate solid electrolyte for applications in intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells. One of the main...


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