Optoelectronic Materials

Volumes 663-665

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.663-665

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Authors: Ling De Zhou, Jin Shan Huang, Yong Shi, Yin Wei Wu, Hai Hu Yu

Abstract: Laminated thin films composed of V2O5 and Pd (or Pt-Pd) layers were deposited on glass substrates and the end faces of multimode optical...

Authors: Sheng Bao Wang, Xiao Hong Liu

Abstract: On the basis of analysis of linear contour errors model, a new strategy of independent contour error control was presented for high...

Authors: Yue Li Wen, Wei Huang, Bin Wang

Abstract: A simple and novel preparation method for Cu nanoparticles has been suggested in this work. Its main innovative thought lies in preparing...

Authors: Xing Yu Guo, Shu Ying Cheng, Pei Min Lu, Hai Fang Zhou

Abstract: Ag2S thin films were fabricated on the ITO-coated glass substrates by cathodically electro-deposition from the mixture solution including...

Authors: De Hui Sun, Ji Lin Zhang, De Xin Sun, Yu Hao

Abstract: Multi-branched FeO(OH) nanorods are successfully prepared using a facile one-pot solution-phase synthesis method. Their morphology and...

Authors: Guo Jian Jiang, Qing Tao, Wei Dong Liu, Jia Yue Xu, Hong Yang Zhao, Ying Fei Xiong, Yong Zheng Fang, Cheng Zhang

Abstract: The Shoushan Stone is one of the famous craft carving stones in China and transparency is one of the key indicators to evaluate the value of...

Authors: Man Hua Wan, Xiao Hong Liu

Abstract: A novel material synthesis technique, microwave process was investigated for the production of phosphor powders. In this study, we have...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Li, Yuan Zheng, Wei Guo Dai, Yi Chuan Wang

Abstract: A new kind of passive underwater acoustic sensor based on fiber Bragg grating is reported. The pressure sensitivity of the sensor is...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Li, Rong Guang Sun, Qi Jun Liu, Yi Chuan Wang

Abstract: Numerical calculation method is adopted to analyze to the influence of the polymer material on the sensitivity of coated FBG. The...

Authors: Xiao Ming Du, Er Dong Wu

Abstract: Grand Canonical Monte Carlo (GCMC) method was employed to simulate the adsorption properties of molecular hydrogen on crossing the critical...


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