Optoelectronic Materials

Volumes 663-665

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.663-665

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Authors: Chong Hai Deng, Han Mei Hu, Guo Quan Shao

Abstract: Uniform 3D flower-like β-In2S3 microstructures were synthesized using InCl3·4H2O and KSCN as starting reagents in ethylene glycol at...

Authors: Chong Hai Deng, Han Mei Hu, Guo Quan Shao

Abstract: Large-scaled and monodispersed ZnO nanospheres have been synthesized successfully using zinc nitrate hexhydrate and triethanolamine (TEA)...

Authors: Xun Luo, Wei Zhao

Abstract: This paper proposed a new 2D method to simulate the microstructure for normal grain growth of polycrystalline materials. In this method, the...

Authors: Jing Bai, Shu Fang Fu, Sheng Zhou, Li Niu, Xuan Zhang Wang

Abstract: The reflection and transmission of antiferromagnetic sandwich (SiO2/MnF2/ZnF2), which impacted by third-order nonlinear modification from...

Authors: Yi Gui Li, Jian Sun, Jing Quan Liu, Chun Sheng Yang, Dan Nong He, Katsuhiko Tanaka, Susumu Sugiyama

Abstract: Piezoelectric sensor can produce voltage when deflected (function as an energy harvester) while piezoelectric actuator can deflect when a...

Authors: Yuan Sheng Huang, Cheng Ping Luo, Wan Qi Qiu, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: The microstructure and crystallographic characteristics of diamond film deposited with the chemical vapor deposition method was investigated...

Authors: Ling Hang Wang

Abstract: The thermal expansion of a novel semiconductor material, mercury indium telluride (MIT) grown by vertical Bridgman (VB) method, was measured...

Authors: Wen Wang, Li Juan Liu, Mei Juan Lin

Abstract: A novel tri-functional copolymer P1 containing hole transporting units, electron transporting units and terbium complex units was...

Authors: Yi Gui Li, Susumu Sugiyama

Abstract: Poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA) and Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) are transparent and they are suitable for optical purposes. The multi-layer...

Authors: Peng Yan Wang, Shu Qi Zheng, Chang Feng Chen, Rui Jing Jiang, Dan Ni Wang

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) in the environment containing H2S and CO2 was studied. The results show that the...


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