Optoelectronic Materials

Volumes 663-665

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.663-665

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Authors: Yan He, Xue Min Cui, Le Ping Liu, Zhong Yuan Liang

Abstract: This paper studied the low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) powders based on BaOTiO2- B2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramics that is coated with Al2O3...

Authors: Yong Chao Gao, Bai Tong Zhao

Abstract: As solar energy is inexhaustible, solar cells have become one of the options to the future energy. The raw material silicon as one of the...

Authors: Xun Liu, Jun Yan Liu, Xu Dong Li, Guang Yu Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a theoretical and experimental analysis on full-filed stress distribution from thermoelastic measurements and its...

Authors: Yue Hui Hu, Hai Jun Xu, Hao Gao, Yi Chuan Chen

Abstract: The pyramid-like textured ZnO film was prepared directly by magnetron sputtering on the self-supporting substrate of ZnO:Al film fabricated...

Authors: Zhi Fu Liu, Qing Hong Zhang, Li Yun Chen, Yao Gang Li, Hong Zhi Wang

Abstract: Zn1-xCoxO magnetic microspheres have been synthesized by a simple solvothermal process. Different Co2+ dopant concentrations have been used...

Authors: Xia Zeng, Xi Yun He, Da Zhi Sun, Wen Xiu Cheng, Ping Sun Qiu, Xin Sen Zheng

Abstract: A new process was developed for fabrication of multiferroic 1-3 type nanostructured composite films. In this process, eletrodeposition...

Authors: Ya Ling Li, Jia Ning Ning, Yuan Mei Chen, Guang Fei Liu, Guo Qing Zhang

Abstract: Silver myristate/AgBr composite particles were prepared by using silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide, myristic acid, and sodium bromide as raw...

Authors: Gui Hua Liao, Jian Jun Xing, Qiu Ling Chen, Qiu Ling Chen

Abstract: A modified rod in tube technique for tellurite glass preform fabrication is reported, and the effects of the fabrication process on the...

Authors: Xiu Feng Ren, Fen Wang, Yuan Zhou, Hong En Nian, Yu Na Pang, Hong Bin Wang

Abstract: The nano-Co/Ce-V-Zr-TiO2 catalysts with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) were prepared by methods of Sol-gel, impregnation (IM) and...

Authors: Yan Xiang Wang, Jian Sun, Xi Yu

Abstract: ZnO nanopowders were prepared via solvothermal synthesis by using methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, n-butanol, n-hexanol and 1-octanol as the...


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