Optoelectronic Materials

Volumes 663-665

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.663-665

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Authors: Wei Zhao, Ruo Cai Pan, Hao Xue

Abstract: Micro-scale plake-like SrTO3 particles were synthesized by two routes of topochemical conversion. One is by growing on Sr3Ti2O7 (S3T2) core...

Authors: Yue Ming Li, Hua Zhang, Zhu Mei Wang, Yan Hong, Zong Yang Shen

Abstract: The sintering behavior and microwave dielectric properties of the (Ca0.9375Sr0.0625)0.25(Li0.5Sm0.5)0.75TiO3 (CSLST) ceramics doped with...

Authors: Bao Gai Zhai, Qing Lan Ma, Ming Meng, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: In this article, we report on the observations that in the aqueous electrolyte of aluminum nitrate, the thin metallic conducting films on...

Authors: Zhen Feng Xu, Jun Liang, Juan Pei, Yan Yan Yin, Chang Li

Abstract: Ordered double perovskite oxides (Sr2-3xLa2xBax)FeMoO6 (0≤x≤0.3) have been investigated in this work. X-ray powder diffraction reveals that...

Authors: Han Fa Liu, Hua Fu Zhang

Abstract: Transparent conducting Ti-Ga co-doped zinc oxide (TGZO) thin films with high transmittance, low resistivity were firstly prepared on glass...

Authors: Han Fa Liu, Chang Kun Yuan

Abstract: Transparent conducting Ti-Al co-doped zinc oxide films (TGZO) with high transparency and relatively low resistivity have been successfully...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Xin Wang, Yuan Yuan Dou

Abstract: A serious of triply-responsive poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) (PMAEMA) containing an azobenzene group as the terminal group were...

Authors: Hai Yan Du, Cai Xia Liu, Jia Yue Sun

Abstract: The four-layer structure angle-dependent pigments with compositions of Mica/TiO2 /Al2O3/Fe2O3, Mica/TiO2/Al2O3/Cr2O3 and...

Authors: Xin Wang, Yuan Yuan Dou, Mei Shan Pei, Xin De Tang

Abstract: Biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic materials have attracted considerable attention during the past two decades. In this work, a...

Authors: Yun Shan Wang, Neng Wen Liu, Fu Dong Zhu

Abstract: In order to improve the service life of copper crystallizer, a layer of Ni-based alloy on thick copperplate surface was performed by plasma...


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