Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Coraline Crozet, Annie Antoni Zdziobek, Sabine Lay, Stéphane Coindeau

Abstract: Austenite/ferrite phase transformations in Fe-xCu-10Ni alloys, 0<x<15 (mass%), are studied under two different cooling conditions,...

Authors: Paula Fernanda Silva Farina, Alexandre Bellegard Farina, Julio Capo, Linilson R. Padovese, Celso A. Barbosa, Hélio Goldenstein

Abstract: The effects of low temperature isothermal treatments on a quenched AISI D2 tool steel was studied using Barkhausen Noise, X-ray diffraction,...

Authors: Paolo Galimberti, Sabine Lay, Annie Antoni-Zdziobek

Abstract: The precipitation behaviour of the Fe20Co18W (wt%) alloy was studied by transmission electron microscopy during aging treatments at 800°C....

Authors: Gary R. Purdy

Abstract: The growth of ferrite from alloyed austenite can take many forms: Widmanstätten ferrite and “plessites” in meteoric Fe-Ni-Co; ferrite layer...

Authors: Damon Panahi, Yun Fei Bai, Hatem S. Zurob, Gary R. Purdy, Christopher R. Hutchinson, Yves Bréchet

Abstract: Ferrite growth behavior in Fe-C-Mn alloys has been studied using controlled decarburization experiments. Two types of kinetic transition are...

Authors: Lynda Amirouche, Mathis Plapp

Abstract: Discontinuous precipitation is a solid-state transformation involving the decomposition of a supersaturated matrix into two phases arranged...

Authors: Robert E. Hackenberg, Heather M. Volz, Pallas A. Papin, Ann M. Kelly, Robert T. Forsyth, Tim J. Tucker, Kester D. Clarke

Abstract: Discontinuous precipitation (DP) and discontinuous coarsening (DC) reactions have been observed in numerous alloy systems [1]. DP has been...

Authors: Hao Chen, Sybrand van der Zwaag

Abstract: The original mixed-mode model is reformulated by considering the soft impingement effect and applying a general polynomial method of dealing...

Authors: M. J. Santofimia, John G. Speer, Lie Zhao, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: The microstructure formed in a steel after a partial martensitic transformation contains martensite-austenite assemblies with similar...

Authors: Usanee Kitkamthorn

Abstract: The excellent mechanical properties of austempered ductile iron are due to the unique matrix microstructure called “ausferrite”. Such...


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