Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Caroline Toffolon-Masclet, Clara Desgranges, Carolina Corvalan-Moya, Jean Christophe Brachet

Abstract: The EKINOX numerical code, formerly developed to simulate high temperature oxidation of Ni alloys, has been recently adapted to solve out...

Authors: Mohamed Briki, Jérôme Creuze, Fabienne Berthier, Bernard Legrand

Abstract: In order to build the phase diagram of Cu-Ag nanoalloys, we study a 405-atom nanoparticle by means of Monte Carlo simulations with...

Authors: Fabienne Berthier, Emile Maras, Isabelle Braems, Bernard Legrand

Abstract: We compare three models of 2D precipitation kinetics that give access to different time-space scales. Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations (KMC),...

Authors: Ivailo S. Atanasov, Marc Hou

Abstract: We address the question of the evolution of a nanostructured system in a metastable state to equilibrium. To this purpose, we use the case...

Authors: Emile Maras, Isabelle Braems, Fabienne Berthier

Abstract: The size distribution and the total density of clusters of a one-dimensional pure deposit can be expressed analytically from the Ising...

Authors: Remi Delville, Benoît Malard, Jan Pilch, Petr Šittner, Dominique Schryvers

Abstract: Transmission electron microscopy and mechanical testing were employed to investigate the evolution of microstructure and functional...

Authors: Mathieu Couvrat, Fabrice Legendre, Mathilde Brocq, Laurent Chaffron, Loic Boulanger, Patrick Bonnaillie

Abstract: Reactive high energy ball-milling has known a growing interest from both fundamental and applied point of view. We focus here on the...

Authors: Erwan Oliviero, Sophie Collin, Cyril Bachelet, Jeremy Moeyaert, Vladimir A. Borodin, Marie Odile Ruault

Abstract: Amorphous silicon dioxide layers were implanted with 100 keV Ar ions to a relatively high fluence in a tentative to generate cavities in the...

Authors: Abdelahad Chbihi, Xavier Sauvage, Cécile Genevois, Didier Blavette, Dmitriy Gunderov, Alexander G. Popov

Abstract: A Fe50Pd50 alloy was severely deformed by High Pressure Torsion (HPT). For a processing temperature ranging from 20°C...

Authors: Harry Berek, Christos G. Aneziris, Manuel Hasterok, Horst Biermann, Steffen Wolf, Lutz Krüger

Abstract: Composite materials and micro- and macrostructure designs have been the focus of numerous scientific studies over the past few years...


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