Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Frank Montheillet, Gilles Roy

Abstract: Metallic materials submitted to high strain rates upon dynamic loading can undergo phase changes induced by strains, stresses, and/or...

Authors: Raisa Grigorieva, Pascal Drillet, Jean Michel Mataigne, Abdelkrim Redjaïmia

Abstract: Nowadays more and more hot stamped steel sheets dedicated for the automotive body-in-white structure are pre-coated to prevent the steel...

Authors: Thierry Woignier, Jerome Reynes, Sylvie Calas

Abstract: Nanocomposite aerogel is proposed as a host matrix for the synthesis of glass ceramics. The large porosity is used as a sponge to...

Authors: Jean Christophe Hell, Moukrane Dehmas, Guillaume Geandier, Nathalie Gey, Sebastien Allain, Alain Hazotte, Jean Philippe Chateau

Abstract: We elaborated two carbide-free bainitic steels with different microstructures through specific heat treatments and alloy design. EBSD...

Authors: Jérôme Tchoufang Tchuindjang, Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers

Abstract: Two HSS grades (A and B) belonging to the complex system Fe-Cr-C-Si-X, where X is a strong carbide-forming element such as V, Mb or W, were...

Authors: Kumkum Banerjee, Michel Perez, Matthias Militzer

Abstract: Non-isothermal austenite grain growth kinetics under the influence of several combinations of Nb, Ti and Mo containing complex precipitates...

Authors: Farah Hanna, Guilhem Michel Roux, Olivier Asserin, Jean Christophe Brachet, René Billardon

Abstract: This work is part of a collaborative study between CEA-Saclay and LMT-Cachan on the numerical simulation of multi-pass GTA-Welding of thick...

Authors: Véronique Smanio, Thomas Sourmail

Abstract: Isothermal bainitizing of high carbon steel is used to obtain exceptionally high mechanical characteristics together with near zero...

Authors: Timothy D. Bigg, David K. Matlock, John G. Speer, David Edmonds

Abstract: The novel heat treatment concept of Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) offers exciting prospects for the production of higher strength...

Authors: Malika Perrier, Alexis Deschamps, Patricia Donnadieu, Frédéric de Geuser, Frédéric Danoix, Olivier Bouaziz, Yves Bréchet

Abstract: The Fe-Si-Ti system is known to show nanoscale precipitation of the Fe2SiTi Heusler phase with potentially high volume fraction...


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