Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Irina Pushkareva, Abdelkrim Redjaïmia, Antoine Moulin, Nathalie Valle

Abstract: A detailed analysis of the evolution of industrial Dual Phase (DP) steel microstructures is carried out as a function of various annealing...

Authors: Farah Hanna, Guilhem Michel Roux, Olivier Asserin, Jean Christophe Brachet, René Billardon

Abstract: This work is part of a collaborative study between CEA-Saclay and LMT-Cachan on the numerical simulation of multi-pass GTA-Welding of thick...

Authors: Tomasz Borowski, Jerzy Jeleńkowski, Tadeusz Wierzchoń

Abstract: The paper analyzes the magnetic properties and stability of austenite, athermal martensite, and deformation martensite that form in...

Authors: Denis Carron, Elise Gauthier, Cedric Pouvreau, Philippe Rogeon, Philippe Pilvin, Jacky Soigneux, Thomas Lety

Abstract: High strength zinc-coated steels are used for automotive applications when high corrosion resistance and weight reduction are required....

Authors: Anna Sypień, Andrzej Piątkowski, Paweł Zięba

Abstract: The paper presents the results of studies on the microstructure, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the Ni/SnAuCu/Ni...

Authors: Nicolas Masquelier, Helena Zapolsky, Williams Lefebvre, Suzana Gomes Fries, Renaud Patte, Philippe Pareige

Abstract: Phase field modeling of precipitation kinetics in Al – Zr – Sc and Al – Zr – Ti ternary alloys has been performed. The free energy was...

Authors: Chen Xi Liu, Ze Sheng Yan, Zhi Zhong Dong, Yong Chang Liu, Bao Qun Ning

Abstract: As a representative type of high Cr ferritic heat-resistant steels, T91 steels (ASME SA-213 T91/P91) has been recognized as the preferable...

Authors: Franck Tancret, Philippe Guillemet, Florent Fournier Dit Chabert, René Le Gall, Jean François Castagné

Abstract: A finite element approach is used to simulate the precipitation of Ni3(Al,Ti) intermetallics in nickel-based superalloys...

Authors: Koutarou Hayashi, Toshinobu Nishibata, Nobusato Kojima, Masanori Kajihara

Abstract: In order to examine the decarburization behavior in the hot stamping (HS) method, the dependence of the microstructure evolution on the...

Authors: Dennis Ouden, Fred J. Vermolen, Lie Zhao, Cees Vuik, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: This study attempts to incorporate the effect of elastic deformation in a previously proposedmodel for the nucleation and growth of...


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