Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Adam Farrow, Campbell Laird

Abstract: Solution-treated Al-4wt%Cu was strain-cycled at ambient temperature and above and the precipitation behavior investigated by TEM. In the...

Authors: Mathieu Couvrat, Laurent Chaffron, Daniel Nunes, Patrick Bonnaillie, Marie Hélène Mathon, Mikael Perrut

Abstract: Direct hot extrusion of powder is the standard consolidation process to transform mechanically alloyed Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS)...

Authors: Ileana Irais Santana, Francisco Carlos Robles Hernandez, Vicente Garibay-Febles, Hector A. Calderon

Abstract: Composites of Fe-C60 and Al C60 produced by mechanical milling and sinterized by Spark Plasma Sintering are...

Authors: Philippe Thibaux, Martin Liebeherr, Dominique De Avila Cossa

Abstract: Characterization of the phase transformation of Nb-micro-alloyed steels has to be performed taking into account the effect of deformation...

Authors: Elena V. Pereloma, Lai Chang Zhang, Klaus Dieter Liss, Ulf Garbe, Jonathan Almer, Thomas Schambron, Hossein Beladi, Ilana B. Timokhina

Abstract: In this work we compare and contrast the stability of retained austenite during tensile testing of Nb-Mo-Al transformation-induced...

Authors: Mickael Mourot, Alice Courleux, Moukrane Dehmas, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Guillaume Geandier, Olivier Dezellus, Jean Claude Viala, Olivier Martin, Nikhil Karnatak, Frederic Danoix

Abstract: The phase transformation kinetics on cooling and resulting microstructures of steel-based matrix composites (MMC) reinforced with TiC...

Authors: Jean Christophe Brachet, Caroline Toffolon-Masclet, Didier Hamon, Thomas Guilbert, Gwenaël Trego, Julien Jourdan, Anthony Stern, Caroline Raepsaet

Abstract: Due to their adequate properties, zirconium alloys are the reference materials for the nuclear fuel cladding tubes of Light Water Reactors...

Authors: Amico Settefrati, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Moukrane Dehmas, Guillaume Geandier, Benoît Appolaire, Sylvain Audion, Jerôme Delfosse

Abstract: In the present study we focus on the precipitation processes during heating and ageing of β-metastable phase in the near β Ti-5553 alloy....

Authors: Tian Xiang Liu, Simon P.A. Gill, Helen V. Atkinson

Abstract: High temperature operation of power plant increases their efficiency and reduces emissions. Low gamma-prime fraction nickel-based...

Authors: Sophie Lubin, Anne Francoise Gourgues-Lorenzon, Brigitte Bacroix, Hélène Réglé, Frank Montheillet

Abstract: The effect of the metallurgical state of austenite (undeformed vs. deformed vs. deformed + recrystallised) on the properties of the...


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