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Authors: Han Ming Lv, Shu Dong Xiu, Yang Wang

Abstract: A heuristic approach was presented to automatically partition a triangle meshes into a coarse quadrangular segmentation. The triangle mesh...

Authors: Shan Liang Xue, Q.Y. Wei, Guang Ming Jiao, X.F. Li

Abstract: For a manufacturing enterprise to be competitive in constantly changing market environment, it is necessary to adopt a new model called...

Authors: Steven Y. Liang, Binti M. Abraham

Abstract: High performance machining refers to the material removal operation that delivers the maximum achievable part quality, process...

Authors: Zhen Long Wang, Mao Sheng Li, X. Wu

Abstract: Electrical discharge machining (EDM), as an effective method, can be used to implement the finish machining for turbine blisks. Searching...

Authors: Li Da Shen, Zong Jun Tian, Y.H. Huang, Guo Ran Hua

Abstract: Reconstituted nanostructured partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ) feedstock powders were laser sintered under a range of laser processing...

Authors: J. Wu, Ying Xue Yao, J.G. Li

Abstract: The NC machine tool is widely used in today's manufacturing industry. In this paper, a framework of the NC lathing dynamic simulation...

Authors: Wei Zuo, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun, Ming Chen

Abstract: Three-dimensional finite element simulations were used to investigate the influences of various hot filaments and other deposition...

Authors: Chuang Wen Xu, Hua Ling Chen, Z. Liu

Abstract: A new method of state recognition of milling tool wear was presented based on time series analysis and fuzzy cluster analysis. After...

Authors: Dan Wang, Wu Yi Chen, Rui Qiu Wang

Abstract: A new strategy for 5-axis NC machining called Rotate-For-Intersect Machining (RFIM) was presented in this paper. The cutter was settled by...

Authors: Jian Guang Li, Ying Xue Yao, Dong Gao, Chang Qing Liu, Zhe Jun Yuan

Abstract: Cutting parameters play an essential role in the economics of machining. In this paper, particle swarm optimization (PSO), a novel...


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