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Authors: J.M. Liang
Abstract: The injection molding process has been well-known non-linear complex dynamics and the approach extensively applied manual control and rely on experienced engineers. An intelligent optimization controller has been designed with two series neural networks and the multi-losses function has been proven can automatically adjust the machine setting overcome the complex dynamics to upgrade part’s quality and reduce experienced engineers. The proposed method has shown promising future for expediting the on-line process parameter tuning work to other complicate non-linear system in the future.
Authors: Jing Yan, Dun Wen Zuo, Guang Ming Jiao, J.P. Li
Abstract: Cable harnesses are essential assembly components that provide the electrical interconnectivity between different modules within a electromechanical product. The design and planning of cable harness assembly is a very complicated, time-consuming and key problem. Currently the design and manufacture of cable harness assembly have remained a labor intensive process. In this paper firstly the published academic in the design and planning of cable harness is reviewed. Then on the basis of analysis, its development orientations are proposed including CAD technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and three-dimensional visual assembly.
Authors: Jian Cao, Y.L. Dong, H.G. Xu, G.Z. Cui
Abstract: The main objective of this article is the design of the equipment with three-axis simulator which is driven by the Brushless DC torque motor. In the paper, We also analyze the aspects that affect the character of the low speed performance of the simulator. Given the character of the torque interruption, we apply the compound control strategy to compensate the interruption in the position servo system. It was found that the simulation results proved that the application of the compound control for counteracting the interruption could improve the capability to counter the interruption outside the system, and it also enhance the characteristics of the low speed to become well from the study of the simulation of the system.
Authors: Y. Lu, Ying Xue Yao, W.Z. Xie
Abstract: High speed machining is a promising technology for significantly increasing productivity and reducing production costs. Development of high-speed spindle technology is strategically critical to the implementation of high speed machining. Compared to conventional spindles, and motorized spindles are equipped with built-in motors for better power transmission and balance to achieve high-speed operation. However, the built-in motor introduces additional mass to the spindle shaft, besides, since its very high working speed, some high-speed rotational effects, including centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments on the spindle shaft can not be neglected in the analysis as is done in conventional spindle, thus complicating its mechanical-dynamic behaviors. In this paper, the FEM model of motorized spindle is set up to research on its dynamic characteristics in theory with an eye to high-speed rotational effects, including centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments on the motorized spindle shaft. The motorized spindle’s natural frequencies and corresponding vibration shapes are got through the modal analysis, and the effect of the axial preload on the natural frequency is programmed to be seen clearly.
Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract: It shows the measure principal of spring tube stiffness, analyzes the act of clamp rod in stiffness measurement of spring tube. Clamp rod is optimized to elevate measurement precision, a optimized clamp rod is showed. Much test is carried out with the former and the optimization respectively, the result shows that the stiffness measurement is improved and the design is satisfied through optimizing the clamp rod.
Authors: H.B. Zhang, L. Zhou, Ying Xue Yao
Abstract: For rigid rotor that widely applied in gyroscopes, high precision dynamic balance is very important. The paper introduces a dynamic balance method for drum-shape gyroscope rotor: the rotor is supported by gas bearing; detecting the displacement of three points on the drum-shape rotor’s end-plane, obtaining its normal direction. Then according to geometrical relation of geometric axis and polar inertia axis, the dynamic trace of the rotor can be obtained, and the rotor’s mass imbalance is calculated. Experiment result shows that the method has high balance accuracy, particularly suit for high-speed gyroscope rotor whose mass imbalance is small.
Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Rong Di Han, Yang Wang
Abstract: In machining, coolants and lubricants improve machinability, increase productivity by reducing the tool wear and extend the tool life. However, the use of cutting fluid in metal working may seriously degrade the quality of environment. Green cutting is becoming increasingly more popular due to concern regarding the safety of the environment and operator health. The experimental investigations were carried out with cemented carbide tool in turning ANSI 304 stainless steel and applications of water vapor, CO2, O2 as coolants and lubricants. The application of water vapor as coolants and lubricants allowed extending tool life. The catalysis chemical reaction have been generated between water molecules (H2O), oxygen atoms (O) of water vapor and fresh metal surface of tool-chip contact region, and multi-dimension metal oxidations which has been formed in tool-chip contact zone weakened mutual action between tool bulk material and chip.
Authors: Xu Dong Pan, Guang Lin Wang, L. Zhang
Abstract: This paper deals with the effect on orifice discharge characteristic by the round angle of electro-hydraulic servo valve spool metering edge. The machining method of spool metering edge can cause micro round angle on the edge. This paper firstly provides 3D geometry model and computational grids of spool valve where the round angle’s range is 0-10μm and orifice opening is 0-40μm. Secondly calculates the flow rate of the orifice on the constant differential pressure circumstances. The numerical analysis is performed by using the commercial code ‘‘Fluent’’, and the numerical results show the complete flow field inside the valve. The analysis result is to obtain the influence of round angle on discharge characteristic, quantitatively. An experimental result is used in this paper to evaluate and validate the numerical analysis of the valve. The aim of this analysis is to provide a designation reference of the spool valves which are important parts of servo valve.
Authors: Yuan Sheng Zhai, Ying Chun Liang, Qing Shun Bai
Abstract: The finite element modeling and experimental validation of three-dimensional precision cutting of 3J33 maraging are presented. The commercial software MARC applied for the finite element modeling is studied the effect of tool nose radii considering tool edge radius on the principal cutting forces and the temperature fields. The model employs an updated Lagrangian formulation. The friction between the tool and the chip is assumed to follow a modified Coulomb friction law and the adaptive remeshing technique is using for the formation of chip. The tool edge radius significantly affects the cutting forces and the maximum temperature of the chip. The simulation results for tool with nose radius considering tool edge radius are compared with experimentally measured data and found to be in good agreement.
Authors: Yi Wen Wang, Huan Rui Hao, Xian Li Liu, Cai Xu Yue
Abstract: It is by the emissivity of the goal objects and the noise problem of the high temperature images that people are puzzled during the course of the cutting temperature tested by the application of thermal imaging device. By using thermocouples, and getting the comparison of thermocouples and the thermal imaging system temperature, we calibrate object emissivity, handle the image noise by improved median method, carry on the edge extraction of image, obtain the temperature of measured objects, and finally confirm the accuracy of the data got by the thermal imaging device with contact measurement.

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