Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Sun, Li Jun Xu

Abstract: The essay analysizes existing typical problems in current teaching of Molding Design, and raises a set of teaching innovation to meet...

Authors: Chuang Chen, Wei Bing Li, Xiao Ming Wang, Wen Bin Li

Abstract: In the simulation, the mesh quality has a significant impact on the simulation results. To study the influence of the size and shape of...

Authors: Jun Hai Ma, Xiao Lei Meng

Abstract: On the basis of the studies done by scholars at home and abroad,we have a research on macroeconomic performance , regional economic...

Authors: Zhi Jing Yu, Feng Ze Lang, Xiao Jing Guo

Abstract: Runway debris visual automatic detection system is one of key measures that ensure efficient and safe airport operation. It can...

Authors: Zhao Hua Wu

Abstract: Solder joint shape refers to geometry that molten solder can be achieved with spreading and wetting along the metal surface in the junction...

Authors: Jun Hai Ma, Qi Zhang, Chun Yong Ma

Abstract: Based on the work at home and aboard.We evaluate the efficiency of group ownership of state-owned enterprises with the method of data...

Authors: Yi Fei Yan, Ming Bai, Chen Guang Xie, Jun Gang Miao

Abstract: As the synthetic aperture has been widely used in remote sensing and imaging system. Various methods have been used to enhance the imgaing...

Authors: Xu Bu Ma, Ju E Guo, Xu Tao Ma, Zhan Hao Wang

Abstract: By combining the domestic and overseas research experience in tax risk management, based on all personnel and whole flow thought, this paper...

Authors: Zhun Wang

Abstract: In accordance with the Coupling vibration absorber system, introduced to reduce the vibration of the wheel loader at driving, designed are...

Authors: Hui Qi, Jing Guo, Jie Yang

Abstract: The analytical solution to the problem of the scattering of SH-wave by isosceles triangular hill in right-angle plane is given by using the...


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