Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

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Authors: Chao Lin, Yu Jie Hou, Qing Long Zeng, Hai Gong, Ling Nie, Hua Qiu
Abstract: Oval bevel gear is introduced as a new gear transmission type of intersecting axes, in which high-order, denaturing and eccentric one are included. Based on the theory of spatial engagement, spatial spherical coordinate system of the noncircular bevel gearing was developed and a generalized tooth profile equation of noncircular bevel gears was also proposed. The gear profile can be enveloped for the generating movement between conical cutter and oval bevel gear according to the envelope principle of conjugate profiles. Then a new and general parametric design method for oval bevel gear was founded. The classification and gear variability condition of oval bevel gear were discussed. Meanwhile, its pitch curve, addendum and dedendum curve were studied, and the corresponding equations were deduced. A roll check experiment is performed on the prototype workpiece. Then the influences of motor speed and load on transmission ratio were analyzed. Finally, the design method, profile generation method and manufacture method of oval bevel gear were certified as correct by comparing experimental curve of transmission ratio with theoretical one.
Authors: Li Wen Wang, Da Meng Yuan, Hao Wang
Abstract: By using forward modeling and backward modeling synthetically, a dynamics model, including engine module, powertrain module, fire control system module and velocity module, is established preliminarily for airport crash fire vehicle training simulator. Simulation is performed in the airport crash fire vehicle simulation test platform. Finally real vehicle test is carried on. By contrasting simulation with experiment result, it is concluded that the dynamics model is reasonable and feasible and could satisfy the need of airport crash fire vehicle training simulator.
Authors: Chun Sheng Hu, Cheng Dong Xu, Xiao Bo Cao, Ju Chuan Fu
Abstract: Based on the concept of Cloud Computing, Cloud Manufacturing which refers to a new networked manufacturing mode is proposed by LI Bo-hu. In this new mode, virtual resources are organized to meet the requirements of various manufacturing services for users over network and Cloud Manufacturing platform. This paper focuses on the virtualization of resources and analyses the factors which affect the classification of virtual resources in Cloud Manufacturing first, and a conceptual classification is given. Then some factors affect the result of task assignment are introduced, and a simple example shows the effect of these factors to task assignment. Based on these factors which include quantitative, human activity, logistics and granularity, a modeling process and a rough model of virtual resource are built.
Authors: Guang Yin Xu, Jian Hua Qu, Rui Juan Wu, Wei Feng Qin
Abstract: By analyzing the typical operational pattern of agricultural products logistics, the agricultural products logistics operational pattern based on information share was built. The pattern was demonstrated by the watermelon logistics operational pattern based on information share. The result showed that the pattern was effective and practicable.
Authors: Peng Dong, Zhao Hui Luo
Abstract: We consider a type of transportation problem with distribution centers. Solving this question by using auxiliary network: every distribution center in the transportation network is split into two nodes which are linked to form new arcs in the new network, enduing every arc with parameter vector, and turning this transportation problem into minimum cost flow problem. Basing on this point, the capacity expansion problem of the distribution centers and the paths in the transportation network are also considered in the article.
Authors: Yong Li, Cheng Rui Zhang, Xin Zhong Ding, Peng Zhai, Jing Wu
Abstract: According to the driving characteristics of giant magnetostrictive material and the principle of constant current source analysis, the continuously adjustable driving power was developed by adopting the principle of constant current, selecting power operational amplifier, and using parallel flow technology to expand its output current, which had a large current, large output power, high efficiency and low power consumption. And through the actual test, the driving power of giant magnetostictive actuator reveals a good performance.
Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Ke Qi Wang, Yong Hua Xie
Abstract: According to the non-linear problem caused by temperature and circuit interference during the detection process of the double parallel beam weighing transducer, a nonlinear compensation method is proposed based on the support vector machine theory. The nonlinear characteristics of measured values of sensor are analyzed, and the support vector machine (SVM) inverse model is established while the displacement parameters as the output and voltage parameter as input. The effectiveness of SVM inverse model is verified by the simulation. Compared with the RBF neural network model, the SVM model is efficiency. The average error of the model prediction is 0.027g mm, so it has good linearity, and nonlinear compensation of the double Parallel beam weighing transducer is realized.
Authors: Tie Jun Wu, Hong Jun Wang
Abstract: The residual stress distribution of fillet of the diesel engine crankshaft on laser shock processing was analyzed by ANSYS software. The simulation results compared with the experimental data, to get results as follows: the simulation results were basically consistent with the experimental data. This fully proved that the finite element simulation method and related simulation parameters were correct. The parameters of laser impacting were optimized by ANSYS simulation, and the residual stress favorable distribution of the crankshaft fillet was obtained.
Authors: Ming Di Wang, Qiang Song, Kang Min Zhong
Abstract: The double role piston pump based on the symmetrical gear and crank-link-slider mechanism driven by servo motor is innovated, its working principle and technical characteristics are introduced. In this new type of piston pump, the hydraulic cylinder piston is drived, and the velocity can be adjusted, but the flow pulse of a single pump is undoubtedly great. So two piston pumps are adopted, whose velocity are controled by NC, then the variable stepless timing in wide range can be achieved. If the velocity in this two pumps |v1|+|v2|=C (C is a constant), the flow curve of two pumps will be coupled into a straight line, in order to achieve constant flow output without the need of complex and inefficient throttle controlling loops, and there has not any power machines and mechanical parts in high-speed rotation ,and the noise pollution is very low. According to the varied circumstance, the high and low pressure conversion can be achieved when the angle velocity in this piston pump is controlled by the instructions. It is also very easy to achieve the dynamic and intelligent control.
Authors: Wei Liu, Han Tao, Chao Wen Li, Guang Fei Guo, Guo Lin Gu
Abstract: 3D finite element models have been developed for X70 pipelines during the in-service welding. These models have been used to analyze the effects of internal pressure on the susceptibility of burnthrough. The work has showed that radial deflection could be regarded as a burnthrough limit. The same internal pressure has more important effect on the thinner materials and bigger diameter pipes. Internal pressure also has a great impact on the temperature profiles and the thermal cycle of inside surface. For thinner materials, Battelle’s 982°C temperature limit is overly conservative.

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