Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Hua Fang, Jin Feng Liu, Xing Chun Wang, Chao Chen

Abstract: In order to solve the problems of transducer design, Modeling and simulation analysis carried out, establishment of spring stiffness,...

Authors: Tian Chen, Zhong Hai Yu, Di Shi Liu, Jing Wang

Abstract: As one of the key components of nuclear power equipment, large nuclear power head has a complicate shape, great allowance of processing and...

Authors: He Yan, Xiu Feng Wang

Abstract: GA approach suitable for solving object Recognition problem is described and evaluated using a series of simple model problems. Usually GA...

Authors: Yuan Hao, Zhao Hui Ren, Feng Wen

Abstract: On the basis of the relation between force and deformation when the plastic deformation of soil mass is studied, nonlinear vibration roller...

Authors: He Li Peng, Ming Zhe Li, Qi Gang Han, Peng Xiao Feng, Xue Chen

Abstract: A new type of discrete clamp stretch forming machine based on flexible holding technology was developed to improve the performance of...

Authors: Zhong Yi Wang, Shu Guang Chu, Yun Liang Yu, Tao Sun

Abstract: Exhaust ejectors are good ventilations and cooling equipments. By the method of numerical simulation, researches on cylindrical exhaust...

Authors: Shi Liang Yang, Wei Kui Wang, Xin Hui Zhang, Yun Liu, Yan Wei

Abstract: In order to study the interference and destructive effects of electromagnetic pulse for electronic systems, a test was done for an SCM...

Authors: Wei Gang Yan, Chang Jian Wang, Jin Guo

Abstract: This paper proposes a new image segmentation algorithm to detect the flame image from video in enclosed compartment. In order to avoid the...

Authors: Bai Qin, Bo Zhang, Xiao Dong Yu, Yan Qin Zhang, Gui Hua Han, Jian Ying Li, Quan Fu Wang, Ya Juan Ji

Abstract: The multi flexible body dynamical simulation model of dynamical vibration absorption lathe tool with large length to diameter ratio is built...

Authors: Su Yang Li, Jun Guo, Xiao Wei Zhang, Wen Yan Tang

Abstract: Modal analysis was carried out to calculate the natural frequencies and vibration modes of 20 orders for a certain pipeline system of the...


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