Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xuan Song, Li Ping Du, Jie Chen

Abstract: With rapid development of WebGIS technology, the agricultural administration sections can publish and maintain the quality information of...

Authors: Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen, Angsumalin Senjuntichai

Abstract: In order to realize the intelligent machines, the practical model is proposed to predict the in-process surface roughness during the...

Authors: Nai Wen Liang

Abstract: The inventory management problem with uncertain demands is considered in this paper. the possibility theory and credibility theory are...

Authors: Lei Shi, Cheng Quan Shi, Yi Chun Jiang

Abstract: This paper carried out a method of transferring PUMA560 models in Pro/E to MATLAB . And then it rebuilds two robots 3D models in MATLAB by...

Authors: Lin Hou, Li Ying Yang, Ying Zi Wang, Shou Ren Wang

Abstract: A three-dimension discrete element model of the shot blasting machine has been established to study the principles of shots flow motion in...

Authors: Zhong Qi Sheng, Ze Zhong Liang, Chao Biao Zhang, Liang Dong

Abstract: As the development of industry wireless networks, sensor network, innovative sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID), and...

Authors: Jun Feng Wang, Ning Wang, Jin Feng Rao

Abstract: As energy, resource and environmental issues become more and more serious, sustainable product attracts increasing attention. Products with...

Authors: Shu Ming Chen, Deng Feng Wang, Gang Ping Tan, Jian Ming Zan

Abstract: In order to understand the vibration characteristics of the steering system and provide suggestions for improvement, a model of the steering...

Authors: Jian Jun Hu, Zheng Bin He, Peng Ge, Guo Yun Li

Abstract: In order to analyze dynamic characteristic accurately during steering, electric power steering system is selected as research object and...

Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Ping Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, influence mechanism of variously physical factors for milling force in any feed direction is studied during the milling...


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